When You’re Sick…Go Surfing!

This past weekend was supposed to be a send fest for the ages at Rocktown. That plan quickly dissipated when I started showing common cold like symptoms while at work on Friday. According to my co-workers, I sounded terrible and was told to get the heck out of the office before I got everyone else sick. With a box of Cold-Eeze in hand, a stuffy nose, and a headache, Alison and I knew Rocktown wasn’t going to happen.When you're sick…go surfing! Justin The Weekend Warrior

Accepting defeat, I started looking to salvage my weekend in other ways. Sitting at home in bed just didn’t sound like a fun way to get better. At that moment, I remembered what I had read when I was in middle school, 10 years ago.

We had to do the dreaded book reports and I somehow convinced my teacher to let me do a book report on Kelly Slater’s new (at the time )autobiography, Pipe Dreams: A Surfer’s Journey. Slater was talking about his childhood and how when he or his brother would get sick, they’d stay home from school and their mom would make them go surfing. The thought process was that the saltwater would clear everything up and make them feel better. That sounded like fun and I figured I had nothing to lose.

My parents were already at our beach condo, Adam and I headed over after he got off work on Saturday night. It’s crazy what the thought of the beach can do for someone. On the way over, I started feeling better and the smell of the salty air just opened me right up, that night.

Sunday morning was a cold morning for New Smyrna Beach. It was in the 40’s and we had to be on the beach early in the morning to get a parking spot, since there was a surf contest going on, that Adam was competing in. Feeling better, I threw my board and wet suit in the car and took off with the family.

The day went on, the air warmed up, and I finally put on my wet suit and took a plunge into the chilly 55 degree water. Between the salt air, wind, and saltwater, I felt so much better. Sure I got tossed a bit, but it was nice to get some saltwater in my head to clear everything out.

I even saw dolphins! Sure I see them all the time at the beach, but this time was even more insane because they were close to everyone surfing and were jumping and playing in the waves. Not going to lie, you kind of start thinking twice about what to do when you see a whole pod of dolphins jumping in the wave coming right at you.

After about an hour, I was frozen and headed off to warm up. Once all was said and done, a day at the beach was the best medicine I could have taken.

Getting over this stupid cold was a relief, since I’ve got a big trip planned for this weekend. Wednesday night after work, I’ll be headed up to spend four days in the mountain of North Carolina for some skiing and climbing. If you want actual proof of a Floridian successfully making it down a black diamond run without falling or serious injury, make sure you’re following me on Instagram and Twitter for all the updates. For the full update, subscribe here and I’ll send you an email once I get that entire update posted.

How was your weekend?

Do you have any cold remedies?

Photo Credit: Adam Fricke Photography

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