What’s in my beach pack?

Going to the beach is the forefront thought heading into summer, for most people. If you’re like me when I was in high school, you’ll just throw on your baggies and head out the door. Half way through the day I’d start wishing I brought some simple things like a towel, headphones, snacks & water. You know, simple things that aren’t always necessary, but can make a day at the beach more enjoyable.

I started throwing all the little things into my car and before I knew it, my car was a mess! As if coming home from the beach wasn’t a drag, now I had to actually unload my car; which usually took multiple trips because I’d end up doubling up on stuff. I finally started using a beach pack last summer and it completely changed my beach going experience. I’m not talking about one of those little foo foo Vera Bradley beach bags, mine’s a water proof pack that can hold all my stuff and I’m able to carry my surfboard at the same time.

What’s in my beach pack?Everything that Justin The Weekend Warrior takes with him in his beach pack

  • The beach pack I use is made by Dry Case and it’s their water proof back pack. It’s a simple design with a ton of room in the body of the pack with no frills. There’s a roll top enclosure to make sure everything stays cinched down tight to keep the water in or out. I can throw my drenched wetsuit in there with full confidence that salt water won’t leak onto my seats and it’ll keep the salt & sand from getting to my goods.
  • Sun protection is of utmost importance at the beach. Not only are you getting hammered with rays from the sky, but I’m convinced the water and white sand beaches of Florida just reflects the sunlight right back up to you. I wear my Boneyard sunglasses by Hobie Polarized to protect my eyes (more on these in a later post) and the SPF 30 Mineral Sunscreen from ClimbOn! is my go-to for skin protection and I’m convinced that it’ll protect the fairest of skin pigment.
  • Hunger starts to set in after the euphoria of a fun surf session subsides. There’s usually a couple Clif Bars in my beach pack along with some crackers. I’ll throw in an almond butter (I’m allergic to peanuts) and banana sandwich if I’m feeling really fancy. Hydration is key and I’ll bring my trusty Nalgene and some Nuun All Day tablets. They not only help take the taste of saltwater out of my mouth, but also replenish my body with electrolytes. They’re really tasty, too!
  • Thoughts run through my head all the time while I’m on the beach. I’m not sure if it’s because the beach is my first true love, the ocean spray, bright sun, or what, but random stuff happens to pop into my noggin more when I’m at the beach. My pen and Moleskine journal are always with me to capture most of what runs through my head. The beach is also where I seek inspiration and a good book is a great stimulus. Right now it’s The Prodigal God by Timothy Keller.
  • Towels are always great to have (says my mom). I always bring one so my seats don’t get soaked, I can dry off, change out of my wetsuit and into my baggies, and it help keeps the sun off me from time-to-time.
  • Auxiliary weapons of anti-boredom is what really brings it all together. You might more commonly know this as a handboard. My handboard’s a ton of fun to take out when the surf goes to crap with a nasty shore pound. To accompany my handboard, I keep my fins with me and they’re great for helping me pull into the wave real quick and throw some barrel rolls. If it sounds lame, it’s not, every wave is overhead when you’re body surfing. 😉

What’s in YOUR beach pack?

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