The Weekday Vegetarian Diet

Let me start this out by prefacing that I meant to have this to you last week, but I got the cold virus that’s been floating around lately.

That being said, I was laid up for a bit and did no writing, unfortunately. With that in the past, you might recall a couple weeks ago I published an idea about being a weekday vegetarian. When I was considering changing lifestyle’s I was a little concerned how my protein, calorie, and carb intake would change, if any. I asked a some friends and family members that are either vegetarian or vegan for some tips.weekday vegetarian diet food

After a few conversations and some meal planning, this is my Weekday Vegetarian Diet:

Morning Snack (8:00am)

As I’m packing up my food for the day, I’ll make myself a protein smoothie. I usually blend up some strawberries, a banana, a cup of milk, and Designer Whey Protein. I know Designer Whey’s marketed towards women, but it tastes good to me, has 18g* of protein in one serving, and there’s a cool recipe on the back that I’ll make instead of the protein smoothie, when I want to change it up. I’ll drink this in my car or on the train on my way to work.

Breakfast (9:30am)

At work I’ll break open my pre-made greek yogurt, strawberry, banana, and dried oat concoction. My mom showed me this recipe in the spring and I make 5 jars of this yogurt every Sunday afternoon and it’s my work breakfast. I think it tastes great and it’s packed with about 23g* of protein, just in the yogurt!

*I use Fage Greek Yogurt with no added flavoring. The sugars from the banana takes away some of the tartness and it keeps the sugar count low.

Morning Snacks (10:30am-12:30pm)

I like to keep things easy and I’ll eat 3 bananas in this timeframe with maybe a handful of almonds here or there.

Lunch (1:30pm) This usually varies quite often. I’ve been going between a roll-up or sandwich with some strips of tempeh, topped with lettuce, and some plain hummus slathered on the bread slices or tortilla. Another great option is a salad. I like to use either spinach leaves or arugula. So far my two favorites have been strawberries with almonds and a lite dressing or a sliced hard-boiled egg with walnuts and some lite dressing.

Afternoon Snacks (3:30pm & 5:00pm)

My first snack is usually an apple with a handful of almonds. The next snack is more like a meal, but it’s before I either climb or run, so I’m trying to pack in some carbs and protein. Lately it’s been brown fried rice with tofu and veggies. The sandwich/roll-up I mentioned above has also been known to find its out to my stomach at this point when I want to switch things up.

Pre-climb/Pre-run (6:15pm)

Critisize me all you want, I eat half a Clif Bar at this point to satisfy my hunger cravings. Halfway through my climb sesh, I’ll eat the other half and after a run I’ll eat the other half before I cook dinner.

Dinner (9:30pm or so)

I’ll cap off my day with the fried brown rice concoction I mentioned above or the roll-up/sandwich, also mentioned above. I’ll try and save myself some time by cooking my dinner while I’m getting my food ready to go for the next day. From what I’ve noticed, I get about the same amount of protein in my diet that I’d get if I were eating meat. Rather than getting a ton of protein in me a couple times throughout the day, I get smaller amounts of protein in me throughout the day. I’ve also noticed that I’ve cut down on my calorie intake, which my buddy Dave pointed out to me last week that the fewer calories in my diet probably is why I’ve lost some fat and put on some muscle.

This is what I’ve found works for me. Take from it what you want and hopefully it’ll help you craft your own Weekday Vegetarian Diet, if you’re considering trying out Weekday Veg.

Is your Weekday Vegetarian Diet (or Vegetarian/Vegan Diet) similar?

What works for you and your lifestyle?

*Depending on the serving size

**Disclaimer: I’m not a registered dietician, have not received any formal diet training, just a guy that found a diet that works for him**

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  1. says

    This was really interesting to read! I’m not a huge meat eater (I’ll eat chicken, but it’s not something I ever crave), so it’s fun to read what other people are eating non-meat wise. Definitely trying out your yogurt concoction!

    • The Weekend Warrior says

      Glad you found this interesting, Marissa. Make the yogurt concoction your own. I leave out the chia seeds and I eat it straight out of the fridge, without heating it up in the microwave. Either way, it’s a great non-meat option and it tastes so good.


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