Gear Review: Under Armour Phenom Sunglasses

Being able to see what I’m doing. It’s something I almost always take for granted and I’d would rarely take time to properly protect them. I hardly ever shielded my eyes (aside from squinting them until I got a headache)  from the sun on bright runs and would just curse the planet when I rode through a swarm of bugs on my bike. When I was asked to test and review a pair of shades from Underarmour, I jumped at the chance with no hesitation.Weekend Warrior bridge running with Under Armour Phenom Sunglasses

Gear: Under Armour Phenom Sunglasses

My thoughts: A versatile pair of sunglasses that any outdoor enthusiast will love

What I’m digging

I love the size of the Under Armour Phenom Sunglasses. They’re one size fits all and fit my fat head just perfect. At first glance I thought they were going to be too snug, but they’re flexible and I’d see them fitting any adult head. I haven’t had to worry about them bouncing or sliding down my sweaty nose on my bike rides and runs, a problem I’ve had with other sunglasses.

The lenses wrap around my eyes and don’t cut off my peripheral vision, something I had to get used to. I do get passed by cyclists when I’m running-and the occasional runner– and it’s less startling being able to see someone coming up beside me to pass just a little bit sooner. I really noticed a difference in my cycling as I’d drop back in the paceline from the front position. I can look straight ahead without having to turn my head to see where I am in the paceline.

After lots of runs, rides, and running Hood to Coast, I’ve yet to even see a scratch on these sunglasses.

Running the cross seminole trail with Under Armour Phenom Sunglasses

What I’d change

The thing that annoyed me the most with these sunglasses is the part of the frame that touched my ears. While the ridges look rad, they rubbed against my ears the wrong way and made things a little uncomfortable. I’d also like them to fit under a hat a little better than what they do. It almost felt like a chore getting the right fit so my hat and sunglasses would sit evenly and comfortably on my head.

Final thoughts

Take care of your eyes. The Under Armour Phenom Sunglasses are great for shielding your eyes from bugs and the sun. They even work great in low light conditions, like in the shade.justin fricke the weekend warrior at the start of hood to coast race

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I was provided with a pair of Under Armour Phenom Sunglasses for review and compensation, but that does not change the views expressed above.

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