Tent…Sweet Tent–A Home of My Own In The Outdoors

It wasn’t until 2011, my junior year of college, that I found climbing and really fell in love with the outdoors: climbing, mountain biking, hiking/backpacking.

Fast forward to 2012 and I was ready to take the plunge and get fully immersed in the outdoors world by going to places with no cell phone reception for days on end and living out of a backpack or the trunk of a car. For that I knew I needed a place to live, a little sanctuary to get away from the elements, hunker down for the night, and be at peace.

I needed a tentMountain Hardwear Drifter 3 Tent

After a ton of research I found the tent that was perfect for me. A little 3-person tent that was small, light, and made for backpacking. That tent is all I wanted from my parents for Christmas that year and come Christmas morning, I ripped the tissue paper from a bag to find my portable home away from home.

A 2-person tent would’ve been perfect, but a 3-person tent sounded like the best idea for future backpacking and climbing trips with the girl I was dating.

Needless to say that those backpacking and climbing trips with her never happened, the relationship ended, but I still had this little tent.

I’ve called this little tent–home–on backpacking trips throughout Florida and on climbing trips to Georgia, Tennessee, and Kentucky–and the occasional backyard camping. This little tent has let me unzip the doors of my portable home to my friends that needed a place to sleep on a trip, it’s given me a place to hide from the weather, and it’s offered me solitude at times when I just needed to be alone.

After calling this little tent home for days on end, it’s hard to pack it up at the end of a trip. But I know that I need to let my little tent rest in my gear closet so it can help me get some rest on our next adventure.

I thought my parents just gave me a cool piece of outdoors gear that Christmas morning. Little did I know that they gave me so much adventure and a home of my own in the outdoors.

I love this little tent

What’s a piece of gear that’s more than just a piece of gear to you?

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    Our oldest son LOVES camping! He did a big trip through the Boundary Waters this past summer. He prefers a hammock to a tent though. His mom prefers room service.

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    I have a sleeping bag that I’ve taken everywhere: On the AT, several different camping trips in WV and NC, all through my years as a camp counselor. The thing needs to be replaced and probably burned on its own funeral pyre, at this point. I’ve had to mend it a million times.


    I love the poop outta that thing and I don’t think I will ever be able to fully retire it. It’s got so many memories attached to it.

    Thanks for sharing!

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