Gear Review: Tani Air Fitness

Runners in the Southeast have got it rough. We’ve got to deal with the heat and, worst of all, humidity while we’re training for marathon and half-marathon season during the summer. Aside from hydration, the clothes runners wear can drastically alter their running enjoyment and the Tani Air Fitness collection has made my running very experience very enjoyable this summer.

The Gear: Tani Air Fitness Muscle Shirt & Boxer BriefTani Air Fitness

What I’m Liking

I’ll start first with the Tani Air Fitness Muscle Shirt. This shirt is very lightweight, it almost feels like I’m wearing a mesh shirt, without the chaffing. The shirt fits snug up against my body and grabs the sweat immediately. I also found this shirt to be very breathable and cooling with a light breeze, perfect for my last leg of the Hood to Coast (the mother of all relays) Relay Race.

Much like the muscle shirt, the Tani Air Fitness Boxer Brief is also very lightweight. They kept everything in place and never got in the way while I was running, climbing, and practicing yoga. These undies also wicked all the sweat right away from my mid-region, keeping everything dry and chafe free. Did I mention they’re pretty stylish? No? Well they’re pretty stylish, too.

What I’m Missing

I’m missing length in both the muscle shirt and boxer briefs. I found the muscle shirt to be about an inch or two too short in length. Whenever I lift up my arms–wham!–you’ve got a full view of my belly. Call it a win or a loss, whichever you prefer, I prefer to lift my arms and not show off my belly.

The boxer briefs are a little short on my legs and when I move around, I feel like they end up fitting the same way a pair of whitey tighties would fit. I’d like some more length on the legs and maybe in the front as well. I noticed very quickly that the flap in front tends to open up to the side. My upper leg is only visible, but should a quick shorts change come about, I’d need to find a bathroom or some sort of coverage.

Final Thoughts

The Tani Air Fitness Muscle Shirt and Boxer Briefs are very comfortable. I’d like to think that what I’m missing has to do with sizing, so consider ordering a size up from what you usually wear (I ordered a Large and generally wear a Large). These two items, and any of the items in the Tani Air Fitness collection, would benefit the working man that wants a dependable piece of clothing that looks stylish and enhances his look.

Buy the Tani Air Fitness Muscle Shirt: MSRP $29.00 $65.00*

Buy the Tani Air Fitness Boxer Brief: MSRP $29.00 $45.00*

I did receive product for review as compensation, but that in no way shape or form changed the outcome of this review

*Prices reflected are accurate as of September 23,2014

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