The Majesty of The Wave

If you have no interest in reading about The Wave, but want to feel like you’re there, scroll to the bottom to watch the video.

At work I had been upgraded to a brand new computer with Windows 7. The standard Windows background wasn’t working for me and I started browsing through backgrounds that came with my computer. I stumbled across this desert scene with a puddle in the middle of the photo. I’d never been to the desert so it was something new to look at for eight hours of my day.The Wave from The Wave View

A co worker walked past my cube and caught a glimpse of my desktop background. I was the outdoors guy around the office and she assumed I had taken the photo. Humbly I told her it wasn’t my photo, that I didn’t even know where it was, but I wanted to see it one day.

Fast forward 4 years to this past Friday as I was trekking over the slick rock of the Arizona desert with a pack on my back and a treasure map in my hand. Adam and I hiked for about an hour until we reached the crevice that’d lead us into The Wave.

Chills ran down my spine as I set my eyes on my previous Windows 7 background that I’d stared at for 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week, for 4 years. I walked in to find windswept sandstone lines surrounding me. I couldn’t speak, partially because I needed water and that I was mesmerized by this place.

Once I filled my belly with some trail snacks and some water wet my whistle, I started exploring The Wave itself. Taking photos of the standard “Wave View” and then stumbling around looking at all the different lines until venturing out beyond The Wave.Line on the canyon walls of The Wave

I was walking along a sandstone wall with ridges carved into it as the wind picked up and blew threw my hair leaving some sand for me to find on my pillow the next morning. Brochures and textbooks tell us how nature’s carved out this work of art over the years, but nothing quite brings it all into perspective until you feel the wind sweeping along the canyon walls.Adam Fricke setting up a time lapse at The Wave

Adam set up a time lapse while I wandered out to the front again to admire in person what I had admired behind my desk for 4 years. The Wave is truly nature’s work of art and it’s hard express in words, and even photos, the true majesty and beauty of this place. The long and confusing hike out there makes seeing the curving lines along the canyon lines with the best colors painted on the sandstone rock so much more worth it. With so many people trying to see The Wave for themselves, it’s becoming harder and harder to win a permit. So if you find yourself with a case of wanderlust or want to come close to seeing The Wave in person, Adam and I made this for you.Windows 7 desktop background of The Wave

Welcome to The Wave