How to Stay Clean on the Road

This post is sponsored by Epic Wipes, their heavy duty wet wipes are a great way to stay clean while traveling or get clean real quick after a big day of exploring. And be sure to check out their kickstarter campaign on their website.

Summer road trip season’s upon us along with backpacking, camping, beach, festivals, mountain biking, and all around outdoor season. Let’s face it, there’s nothing holding us back from going outside and having fun. Three days of sleeping out of your car, you probably start to smell that all too familiar funky smell. You know what I’m talking about.Epic Giant Wet Wipes help you stay clean on the road

After days of fun with no showers, you lift your arms and catch a whiff of what you hope is the person standing next to you, but it’s not, that repulsive stench is coming from you. You quickly try to cover it up with deodorant and go on with the fun, knowing full well in the back of your head that you smell terrible.

Here are a few, less expensive, ways you can cure that funk while you’re on the road this summer.

Sink Bath

There’s nothing glamorous about this and chances are you won’t get a heap of like on Instagram if you take a photo of this momentous occasion. Grab a small bottle of shampoo and head into the bathroom of a chain coffee shop or fast food joint. Get your hair wet and start scrubbing.While you’re there, you might want to take a stab at cleaning your pits and nether regions. That is where a lot of the stench is coming from, after all. Bypass the paper towels and go for the hair dryer, if available.

Doing this in a big box retailer that sells soap and shampoo may get you stopped by security.

Creek/River/Lake Shower

All the creeks and rivers are flowing into lakes in the summer. The cold water running off the mountains makes for one, let’s call it refreshing, shower. If this is the way you’re going to get clean, make sure you’re using soap that’s designed for this and that won’t pollute the environment.

Rain Shower

They don’t call them summer showers for nothing. Throw on your swimsuit when the rains come a pourin’ and later up in the street. Again, make sure the soap you’re using won’t pollute the environment.

Wet Wipe Bath

Getting clean using baby wipes is always a go-to alternative. The only problem is that you burn through multiple wipes to get clean. I like to use Epic Wipes. These things are gigantic and you’ll only need one to wipe off that funky smell. They’re also portable making it a no brainer to throw one, or a few, in your bag.Epic Massive Wet Wipes help you stay clean on the road

Deal With the Funk

Eventually you’ll get used to your smell and chances are no one else around you cares because they’re possibly being offended by their own terrible smell.

This post is sponsored by Epic Wipes. Product was provided as compensation and all thoughts are my own.

SMART Goal Planning 101

We make goals or resolutions at the beginning of the year and sometimes throughout the year. A week or two later, they’ve been put on the back burner or we’ve forgotten about them all together. Rather than just setting a goal, we need to set a SMART Goal.Smart Goal Planning 101

A SMART Goal’s a mnemonic acronym where each letter in the word “SMART” guides us in setting objectives to meet our end goal. When we take the time to write out our SMART Goal, our chance of meeting our end goal increases exponentially.

Never set a SMART Goal for yourself or need a refresher? Here’s my SMART Goal, as an example, for my 170 mile cross Florida bike ride I’ve got coming up in April.


When you set a goal, it needs to be clear and well defined. You need to fully know what you’re striving for because generalized/vague goals give you absolutely no direction.

My example: Pedal my bike 170 miles across the state of Florida


Keep track of your success along the way by adding exact dates, amounts, times, etc. The celebration when you reach your end goal is special, but give yourself some smaller goals to work towards that’ll help you accomplish your end goal.

My example: By keeping a 14 MPH pace during each of these rides, I know I’ll be able to finish my 170 mile ride in the allotted time.

  • January 10: 50 miles
  • January 17: 70 miles
  • February 7: 80 miles
  • February 28: 90 miles
  • March: 15: 100 miles
  • March 21: 110 miles
  • March 28: 150 miles


Setting a goal for yourself that’s virtually impossible for you to achieve will only demoralize you. Set a goal that’s realistic and challenging.

Saying that you want to run a marathon without ever having run a day in your life is pretty unrealistic. Make it something more of a progression. Start with running a 5K and progress to a 10K, half marathon, and then tackle a marathon and the rigorous training plan that comes with it.

My example: I’ve already ridden 100 miles, so the next progression for me is to ride 170 miles across Florida.


Your goal actually needs to make sense to you and the life you lead every day. A goal that jives with you and what you stand for is going to be more meaningful than something that just sounds or looks cool.

My example: I love riding my bike and have been looking for a reason to get back on the saddle more often.


Your goals, measurable goals and end goal, need to have a time frame. This way you’ll know when to celebrate, when to put in the work, and without a specific deadline, everything’s more likely to get pushed off to the last minute or forgotten about.

My example: I’m going to follow my training schedule to meet my distances mentioned in the Measurable section and eventually 170 miles on April 12th.

I’ve used the SMART Goal numerous times over the years and have also made the choice to forgo putting one together and it’s a night and day difference. When I took the time to make a SMART Goal, I conquered almost all of my goals and when I got lazy and forwent the process, I failed.

Take the time to write out your SMART Goal and stick to it!

What’s your SMART Goal?

This post is part two of six, sponsored by Garmin and Whole Foods Market, as part of their #PathtoFit program. The views and opinions expressed above are my own. Join in on the fun and use the above hashtag on social media to share your SMART Goal!

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