Sorry Mom!

Sorry mom! I’ve been saying that a lot this year. More than I’ve ever said it, I think. Some family friends in Florida have even noticed that and they think it’s funny. I think it is too, hence why I say it so much. Everytime I do something or put myself in a situation where I can get a photo like this, that thought runs through my head.Taking photos from Banshee in Muir Valley at the Red River Gorge

Sending a chill up my parents spine’s is never something I aim to do. In fact I do my best to do the opposite. They’re my biggest fans and cheerleaders (right behind myself, but that’s another story for a different day) and inevitably see every single thing I share on social media. Aside from the beautiful views I get to see, they also get (have) to see the “thrilling” photos and videos I capture and share. Being the selfish millennial that I am, that does what he wants, I don’t know what it’s like to have a kid puts himself/herself out there like I do. So I can’t even begin to imagine how scary it might be even though I assure my mom and dad that I’m comfortable with the situations I put myself in, am always in control, and love what I’m doing.

My mom and I had a conversation earlier this year and I told her about my day. It consisted of a lot of hiking and ended with me looking over the edge of a cliff. Had this been a decade or two earlier, her or my dad would have had a tight grip on my arm, making sure I didn’t get any closer than they’d like. I don’t blame them and I know them well enough to believe that they’d still want to do the same thing today. I see parents doing that all the time wherever I go, protecting their kid(s), and I’d like to think that I’d do the same if I ever become a parent one day. At the end of my adventure update I told her that it was probably best her and dad weren’t there. She agreed with me.

My mom went on to tell me that she loves living my adventures through my eyes. And that it’s also great I’m out there doing the things I love without her. The things I do may scare her, but she also said it’s what she wants to see me do. My parents both know that when they see those “scary” photos, they see me living my passion and dream, making a concerted effort to chase a dream I want so badly.

A couple years ago I posted a photo to that was of me hanging one handed from a tree branch above a murky river in Florida. I don’t remember my caption, but my mom shared it on Facebook and said something like Hope he never loses his love for adventure. I look back on that and think that it’s quite impossible for me to lose any sort of adventure in my life. I mean, my mom and dad stressed the importance of going outside to explore the woods behind our house until it got dark, that I put down the video games to go surfing, and build ramps in the driveway to jump off with my blades.

Doing anything short of experiencing new things would be a disservice to my parents work in raising me. At least that’s how I see it. While the word sorry implicates that I’ll never do something again, I’m also telling a bold faced lie because I’m not going to quit sending chills up my parents spine’s at times. When chills run up their spine’s they’re also seeing me live my passion, making a concerted effort to chase a dream I want so badly.. And that’s all they’ve ever wanted for me.

I’m never going to quit saying sorry mom! And I hope you say that often and never stop saying that.