The Unity of Pokémon Go

I caught on to the craze a little late. In fact, I didn’t learn about Pokémon Go until I saw it pop up in my Facebook News between seeing updates about the numerous shootings going on.

Never have I ever seen the world so captivated by a video game. EVER. As of the time of this post being written, the app has over 7 million downloads! It’s causing users to get outside and hunt forPokémon so they can catch em all and users are buying portable chargers so they can play the game all day. It’s nuts!The Unity of Pokémon Go

Our country, and the world, has seen a lot of madness these past few weeks. Orlando’s still recovering from the biggest mass shooting in United States history, dozens of civilians have died in Iraq, we’re set on escalating a race war, and the lives of men and women wearing the blue badge are at stake even more than before. Saying we as a society have become divided would be an understatement, but that’s what we’re going with right now.

I was watching Casey Neistat’s Pokémon MANIA video on YouTube and there was one scene that stuck out to me. When asked why he’s playing the game, a gamer said that it’s communal. He didn’t know anyone he was hanging out with until that day and he met one other person the day before. They all were different races, but they’re hanging out and talking like they’re lifelong friends.

Their race didn’t matter

Pokémon Go has done more for us than any peace organization or speech from our elected leaders. It’s brought people together (an almost impossible feat) and has given us a small escape from the tragedies that have occurred. The game has had a calming effect on all of us. The social media posts have slowly shifted from hate to happiness. People are being social with each other, no matter the color of their skin or their language. We’ve been given a reason to talk with each other and we’re taking that opportunity without even knowing it.

I love mocking this game. But I also love whatPokémon Go has done for the world. And if it takes a new twist on a game that I played when I was in the 3rd grade to bring a calm and unity to the world, I’ll take it!

Blink 182 has a new album out andPokémon is the big game being played right now. What year is it again?