So What? The Nifty Fifty Story

I bought a 50mm prime lens when I bought my first DSLR camera. The Nifty Fifty’s a staple in the bag of most photographers. I shot with it for a little bit and to be honest, hated it. Too much of my images got cropped out and I just never liked my images. My go-to has been my 24-70.Justin Fricke in Yachats Oregon, shot with a nifty fifty

The last time I attached my Nifty Fifty to my camera was in January. Adam and I were in the Outer Banks of North Carolina and the greyness was optimal for a Nifty Fifty, but I hated it. I blamed it all on the lens. Nothing I wanted was in the frame, it wouldn’t focus well, the images looked terrible in my eyes, etc. I took off the lens and put my trusty 24-70 back on.

I think we tend to do that when something doesn’t go our way or turn out the way we want. We lay the blame on something else, make excuses, and hide beneath the covers and wait for the perfect situation to arise.

The weather sucks, the sleepies won’t leave the eyes, creativity isn’t flowing that day, there’s too many people, it’s too late in the day, or it’s too cold in the early morning hours. Those are some of the excuses I tell myself a lot. I think that’s fear talking and I’m trying out this new thing. I’m facing fear head on and I tend to win.

Winning’s fun and it can be addictive at times. I’m probably a lot like you when I say that I hate to lose. And for me fear tells me that I’m going to lose. It’s easy for me to want to stay inside my bubble and never face the day, hack away at a to-do list, never try something new, never grow as a human being. That’s easy and it’s easy to convince yourself to do something because it’s easy.

I’m trying out this thing called “so what.” So what if the weather sucks, if I’m not feeling creative, or if someone might wander into my bubble. I mean it can’t get any worse, right? It can only get better. If we step outside our comfort zone we take the risk of growing. Sure we might fail, but so what?

Last week I made it to the Central Coast of Oregon. The late afternoon sun was shining through the trees along the side of the cliff and the lighting was absolutely serene. I was by myself and wanted to take a stab at some self-portraits.Oregon Coast Trail shot on a nifty fifty

Landscape and action shots are usually my go-to, and it shows on my Instagram, but so what? My Nifty Fifty accumulated some dust, but so what? I took it out of my bag and set up some shots that I thought would look cool. And that guy that was going to settle for mediocre and not experiment with a new shot because fear said otherwise? What an idiot.