Surfing and shenanigans in El Salvador-Recap Part III

Wednesday finally rolled around and we took our typical boat trip to Punta Mango where I got to say “so long” to my new Aussie friends and catch a couple last waves at Punta Mango. We came back, ate some breakfast, and before we knew it we were on our way to The West end of El Salvador to meet up with the rest of our group at La Playa del Tunco (The beach of the pig). The reason the beach is called El Tunco is there’s a rock formation that looks like the head of a pig or something like that. You be the judge, I sure as heck don’t see it.The rock at La Playa del Tunco

We arrived to little-to-no surf and just decided to grab some food and have a few beers with the other six guys that met up with us for this leg of our trip. Adam, John, and I had an apartment style room with a nice living area and a big balcony. I decided to set up my Double Deluxe Hammock, that ENO had sent me, and Bug Net, Adam got to experience his first night in an ENO hammock (I gave him my Doublenest and Slap Strap Pros). Lucky for John, there was a handwoven El Salvadorian hammock already set up when we got there. I’ll be honest, I lasted until about 1:00 a.m. outside until it got too hot for me, but I commend Adam and John for sleeping outside all night.

We woke up early the next morning and our surf guides took us to a spot I had been to the previous year, El Zonte. This is another right point break that breaks right on top of some jagged rocks (which I found on my first wave). Aside from that, it’s pretty fast and isn’t a long paddle out making it a very popular wave to surf. We caught some fun waves and had a great time, all 11 of us. A couple locals joined us out there and I got to see this crazy boogie boarder again. The locals on the beach were saying that he’s the best in the country and it shows. The guy rides his boogie board exactly like a surfboard, but without any fins, and catches huge airs doing 360’s and aerial maneuvers. The fact that he stood up on his boogie board was crazy to me, but when he was actually landing all these maneuvers, I just didn’t know what to think.


After a couple hours and two broken boards, the tide started to shift and the sets became few and far between. We headed back to the hotel just in time to grab some breakfast. We took a couple looks down the beach and Sunzal was going off. Unfortunately a lot of people realized that too and about 30-40 people had paddled out to the lineup. Adam, John, and my dad were itching to go out, so they grabbed their board (Adam grabbed my longboard) and headed out while I hung back on the beach to take pictures. It was super crowded and Adam, who catches what seems like at least 10 waves per hours, only caught three waves in an hour. However, they all still managed to have some fun.

The rest of the afternoon ended up being rest and read time, where I got a split second to get some writing done. I think I re-appeared and well refreshed around 5:00 p.m. to watch some locals put on a nice “air show” at Sunzalito and Bocanita, two beach breaks right in front of our hotel. Every time I see a bunch of locals doing aerial maneuvers I can’t help but think that maybe if I lived there as long as they did, that maybe I could be doing that same stuff…Nah

The next morning we were all up early again and checked out km 59, but the swell just wasn’t right. We headed back to El Zonte and after six days of consecutive surfing, I was beat. The waves looked OK, but not good enough for me to paddle my but out there. I just sat on the beach and hung out with some locals for a couple hours and watched everyone surf. It was actually pretty fun. Again, we headed back to the hotel and this time my dad and I headed out to Sunzal because it looked like a nice longboard break and wasn’t very crowded. Go figure, it was a ton of fun, but everyone saw us catching waves and before I knew it, I was surrounded by 30 other people. I cut my losses and headed in to grab an early lunch.

It may sound a little monotonous, but trust me, what we do the rest of the day on Friday and on Saturday is going to blow your mind. Let’s just say there’s a waterfall and El Salvadorian club involved.