Haters Are Going to Hate

For the past month I’ve been on the road with my brother, living in our Sprinter Van, traipsing about the southeast exploring cities, hiking trails, climbing rocks, and surfing cold waves. It’s been a lot of fun, despite the challenges, and we’ve even got some press for what we’ve been doing. We made the front page of The Orlando Sentinel, GrindTV loves our van build, and our alma mater featured us in their newspaper. You’d think all that press would be great, and in the form of website views, subscriber count on the website and YouTube Channel, and┬ásocial media following, it is.Haters are Going to Hate

Being in the public eye though, that makes you a number one target for anyone looking to spread a little hate. When the writer at these news sources would shoot us the link, my eyes would go to the comment section after reading the article. I’ve noticed a trend in the comment section of every article. They start out super positive, strangers tagging their friends saying “Let’s do this” and “Inspiration for what we’re doing” along with a little “Way cool guys, keep it up!” Those comments get me feeling all warm inside until one person comes along to spread a little hate. It hurts, it gets to me when haters degrade what my brother and I are doing; saying it’s stupid and worthless or that the Sprinter Van we worked so hard to buy with cash and spent two months building out looks terrible. The one that hits home the most is when people say that we’re spoiled kids who mooched off their parents and that we’re just a couple of deadbeats.

Haters are going to hate…

Here are some things I’ve learned about haters that maybe you should know as well:

Haters are bullies

Just like in school. We gave them a new name.

What haters say, doesn’t matter

They spread hate to spread hate. Their words hurt, I know, trust me I know, but they don’t control you.

Haters are jealous

Often times they try and bring you down because they want what you have. They can have what you have by busting their butts for it (like you have), but they feel it’s easier to pull you down to their level and try to take what you have.

Haters are afraid of you

Since you’re doing awesome things, they feel they’re going to get lost in the mix and the best way to avoid that is to pull you down.

They don’t know your struggles

You’ve struggled and fought to get where you are. Haters only see where you are now and equate your success and happiness to luck and their misfortune.

…Creators are going to create

No matter what you do, you’re always going to have a hater. That really irks me because haters don’t see what we creators go through to do what we do and get where we are. While we’re working really hard, pulling all nighters, and breaking our backs to do what we love with only the hope that others will enjoy and be inspired by what we create, haters are out there spreading hate by typing mean comments, trying to degrade on our hard work. Just know that their pain is their life. Haters spread hate because they want you to feel the pain they feel.