Gear Review: Stio Divide Polo

Open up my closet and you’ll find a plethora of t-shirts, tech tees, dress shirts for the office, and some casual button downs for that rare date I go on every once in a while. One style of shirt you won’t find is a polo.

Not sure if I don’t like the way a polo looks on me or if I got sick of having to wear a polo to private school in my early years. Whatever the case might be, I was a little skeptical when I opened up a box and pulled out the Stio Divide Polo. Don’t get me wrong, it looked cool and felt soft, but I just wasn’t completely sold at first.Buildering in the Stio Divide Polo

The Gear: Stio Divide Polo (Blue Print)

What I’m Liking

Alright so I just said I wasn’t completely sold at first glance, but I wanted to give this shirt a shot and I’m so glad I did. The first test was the office test. Fridays are casual Fridays where I work and I generally get a comment or two about the button down plaid shirt I’m wearing. You can only imagine what my coworkers were saying when I walked in wearing a semi-solid polo. Nothing but compliments about my “new look” and it was surprisingly more comfortable than my typical button down shirt.

Next up was the outdoor test to try out the poly-cotton blend fabric with drirelease┬« and FRESHGUARD┬«. I chose to ride my bike part of the way to the office one Friday when my car was getting a little tune up. The Florida heat in the summer’s brutal and I was a little weary of what B.O. I might give off in the office. My coworkers were my test subjects (they didn’t know it) and I think everything worked out considering I didn’t get any comments about smelling bad and I didn’t see any disgusted looks on their faces when they saw me walking down the halls. Heck my perspiration didn’t even really show through this shirt, huge plus!Stio Divide Polo drirelease and freshguard

On the Stio Divide Polo page, Stio claims this polo’s good for big wall climbing in Yosemite. We don’t really have outdoor climbing in Florida, so we have to improvise. I started wearing this shirt when I would go out to work on my buildering projects and it was great. The poly-cotton blend allowed the shirt to stretch and never inhibited my full range of motion, pulled the sweat from my skin quickly, dried quick, and I’d like to think I looked like some cool hipster while I was pedaling around from buildering spot to buildering spot on my road bike.Stio Divide Polo Front Pocket

The last thing I have to rave about is the chest pocket. I’m a sucker for chest pockets and I’ve thrown everything in that pocket from my glasses/sunglasses to a Clifbar as I was rushing out the door.

What I’m Missing

Not much, to be honest. Getting super picky, I’d like a little more length. I have a longer torso than most and end up flashing my belly when I reach up high to stretch. Some other color selections would also be awesome, like the unavailable green shown on the website, maybe even a true brown or burnt orange for fall.

Final Thoughts

The Stio Divide Polo has made me completely rethink my view on polo’s. It’s the perfect all around shirt that’s stylish enough for a casual office setting or a night on the town and is functional enough for day in the backcountry or a few days climbing a big wall in Yosemite.

Buy the Stio Divide Polo: MSRP $58.00

I was provided with a sample Divide Polo for review and compensation. The thoughts and views expressed in this review are strictly my own

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