Soccer, Shakeout Runs, and Doughnuts With Nuun Say What!

After a long day filled with travel mishaps, I was finally able to meet up with one of many Hood to Coast teammates/Nuun Ambassador, Amanda. We made a quick call to Megan (Nuun employee that planned all this for us) who came and whisked us away to where we, and all the other Nuun Ambassadors, would be staying. Once we got our room assignments we made our way over to Century Link Field (right behind our hotel!) to meet up with some of our teammates that were already at the Seattle Sounders soccer game.Seattle Sounders game before Hood to Coast

Make sure you either go to a soccer or football game if you find yourself in Seattle during one of those seasons. The Seahawks fans are known as the 12th Man because they get so loud and the design of Century Link Field helps reverberate that sound back to the field. I heard and felt that while I was at the Sounders game–it was so loud! I think the strong Seattle fan base has something to do with that as well.

While a group of us were at the game, some more of our teammates were trickling into Seattle and we all wanted to hangout. No better place to get to know each other than at a bar! We just about closed down the bar attached to our hotel, but not before our buddy George bought everyone a shot. A sure sign that this entire weekend was going to be one heck of a party in more ways than one.Fireball Whiskey shots in Seattle

We all made our way back to our rooms and remembered we had to get up in a few hours for a shakeout run along the Seattle waterfront. Oh boy!

Miraculously everyone was up and at ’em the next morning ready for our 8:30 am shakeout run along the Seattle waterfront that morning. The Nuun employees that’d be our drivers and additional runners ran with us too–even the Chief Electrolyte Officer (CEO) of Nuun. How cool is that!Justin Fricke the weekend warrior on a shakeout run in Seattle

Straight out of the gate everyone busted out their phones and cameras to get some videos and selfies. I refrained from taking out my phone and instead decided to photobomb EVERYONE. I think everyone caught onto my antics once we got to these fountains that served as our halfway point. After a quick breather and some pictures we headed back to our hotel where Top Pot Doughnuts were waiting for us.Top Pots Doughnuts

I got a hankering for doughnuts when we passed the Krispy Kreme factory on our run and I’m glad I didn’t stop their for doughnuts. Top Pot Doughnuts blew my mind when it came to feasting on donuts and my buddy Mike told me later that they’re the best donuts in town–no disagreeing here!

Check back this week for more Hood to Coast shenanigans with Nuun. Next on the agenda: Brooks Running HQ tour, beer, Pikes Place Market, and more beer.

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    • The Weekend Warrior says

      Not sure. It was a big factory on our right as we started heading towards the waterfront from the hotel.

    • The Weekend Warrior says

      Hey Lora thanks for stopping by! It indeed was an awesome time and the fun’s just starting. Check back some more as the Hood to Coast story keeps rolling.


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