Reliving Costa Rica and a Sweet Gig

Before I left for  Costa Rica I told you I had some exciting news to share when I got back. I can finally share with you that Sierra Trading Post asked me and nine other outdoor bloggers to join forces this summer and be part of TeamSierra! We’ll all be sharing different stories, tips, and outdoor adventures on the Sierra Social Hub and I must say that there’s so exciting stuff coming up. Check the Sierra Social Hub often and make sure you follow and keep up with Sierra Trading Post and the other members of TeamSierra.

Alright now let’s get to reliving this surf trip.

Day One

Travel day that started at 4:30 am to get to the airport and catch a 7:30 am flight to Miami and grab a connection to Liberia, Costa Rica. We arrived ahead of schedule and if you ever check a fragile bag, like three surfboard bags, don’t ever watch the baggage handlers with your fragile luggage unless you want your blood pressure to soar through the roof. After that and the fiasco otherwise known as customs was done, we schlepped everything on top of our driver’s van, stopped at a little restaurant for almuerzo, and then headed out to our cabina hotel.Early morning flight at orlando international airport

The drive wasn’t bad, just 1.5 hours and when we got to the cabina hotel, we checked in real quick, threw on our baggies, grabbed our boards and booked it for the beach. We didn’t care what the waves looked like, we just wanted to surf. The waves turned out to be a bit small and mushy with a lot of texture from the wind, but everyone was catching waves and the stoke was high. A great way to start off a surf trip.

Day Two

It was another early morning and the bright side was waking up at 5:30 am wasn’t so bad with the two hour difference. Really waking up at 5:30 am was more like waking up at 7:30 am, that’s sleeping in for me. We were in the water catching waves by 6:10 am. The morning had a stillness about it with no wind, glassing out the peeling head high waves. By the 8:00 am the waves started to die and the lineup was getting more crowded. We met some guys from Southern California staying at the same place we were and I just couldn’t understand why they were getting mad at the ocean for producing smaller waves than they wanted.

To me it made no sense since the ocean in a sense gives me life and here they are getting mad at it solely because the waves were starting to die. Had they been out earlier they would’ve scored clean waves. I guess that makes my relationship and draw to the ocean that much more special.

After breakfast Adam and I grabbed our fins and handboards and headed to the beach for a little bodysurfing action. It was so great to finally bodysurf some clean waves, something that’s rare to us in Florida.Justin Fricke the Weekend Warrior on his Slyde Handboard in Costa Rica

The rest of the day consisted of more eating, naps, and another sunset surf. I didn’t get to surf since I was a slow poke and everyone headed down to the beach ahead of me. No big deal except that I wanted me longboard and that sucker wouldn’t break free from the day bag it was in. The wax had melted and fused to the inside of my bag. I took some selfies in a tree on the beach instead!Justin Fricke the Weekend Warrior in a tree in Costa Rica

Keep checking back to relive my Costa Rica surf trip with me!

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  1. says

    I’m heading to Costa Rica at the end of September and hoping to get lots of surfing in as well! I’m going to save all your posts for insider info haha!

    • The Weekend Warrior says

      I will I promise. There’s a few more coming tomorrow and I should have some stuff up on Facebook in the next week or so. 🙂

  2. says

    Man, this makes me wish I was better at surfing…but on the bright side, Costa Rica has shuffled to the front of the list! Looks like it was an awesome trip Justin!

    • The Weekend Warrior says

      Johnie, you would’ve loved this place. It held epic waves for newbs and pros alike. Definitely make the trip to Costa Rica when you get a chance, I was even running numbers through my head while there trying to figure out if it’d be a plausible trip in November…Puerto Rico looks to be cheaper.

    • The Weekend Warrior says

      It certainly was Louise. The rest of it should be up this week.

      Thanks for stopping by!


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