Gear Review: PaceMaker Stix Expedition Poles

Hiking and backpacking barehanded is a crazy thought, for me anyways. I always need to bring at least a hiking stick, but I prefer a set of trekking poles and the downside is that most durable trekking poles out there are way too expensive for a weekend warrior budget. That is, until I found the PaceMaker Stix Expedition Poles.PaceMaker Stix Expedition Poles

Gear: PaceMaker Stix Expedition Poles

My thoughts: The perfect set of quality trekking poles for weekend warrior backpackers and hikers

What I’m Digging

The construction on these trekking poles are supremely strong and durable with 7075 aircraft grade aluminum shafts. I liked that they did provide some flex whenever I put some weight on them or was moving palm fronds off to the side. It makes them a lot easier to handle and the double cork grip gave it a burly feel. After hours of hiking on numerous occasions, I’ve yet to see a single blister show up on my hands from the cork grips.

On the shafts, you’ll find a flip-lock to adjust the telescoping poles to fit your height the best. You can actually adjust how hard it is to open and close the flip-lock system by just tightening or loosening a screw. I found that to be a luxury over having to deal with what the manufacturer deemed to be the best opening and closing pressure for me.

These poles are made for more than just hiking. I could easily see power walkers and distance walkers falling in love with these expedition poles after they put on the rubber feet that are already included. Even snow wouldn’t be much of a problem with the large and small snow baskets included.

What I’m Missing

Honestly–not much. They are telescoping trekking poles, but I do wish they’d fold to pack down even smaller. That’d make them even easier to carry on my pack or for storing in my gear closet.

Final Thoughts

These light weight (10.5 oz/pole) trekking poles should be in every weekend warrior backpacker’s/hiker’s gear closet that’s looking for a set of quality trekking poles without breaking the bank.

Buy them! PaceMaker Stix Expedition Poles MSRP: $59.95

I was provided with a set of PaceMaker Stix Expedition Poles for review and as compensation. The thoughts expressed in this review are, as always, strictly my own.

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    • The Weekend Warrior says

      Thanks Paulina! Their weight, or lack thereof, was a huge selling point for me. Especially when I compared them to other trekking poles from name brand companies.

    • The Weekend Warrior says

      I love these things, kind of bummed I’m just now finding out about them. Definitely worth it for the price and their customer service is superb.

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