Hobie Polarized Giveaway

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A couple weeks ago, you might recall that I shared my review of the Hobie Polarized Boneyard Sunglasses with you. Hobie Polarized saw how much I love my shades, so they wanted me to share a pair with you. Before I get to that giveaway, I want to share with you some history of the Hobie Polarized brand and give you a little insight into the technology of their sunglasses.Hobie Polarized

And if you’re just here for the giveaway, scroll to the bottom (it’s all good).


The Hobie brand dates all the way back to the 1950′s when Hobie Alter invented a surfboard for beach lifeguards. With Alter’s passion for innovation, he became one of the first to utilize a new polarized lens that were originally developed for pilots in WWII. If it’s good enough for the United State Military, it must be good enough for the ordinary U.S. citize–right?

Polarized Lens Technology

I’m sure most of us have used and seen the benefits of polarized lenses and if you haven’t, you’re really missing out. Polarized lenses significantly cuts down the on the glare that light produces. Living near the water all my life, I only thought it occurred when the light hit the water, but that’s false. Glare can occur when it hits snow, roads, sand, ice, water (of course) etc. So glare can pretty much show up anywhere. As light hits these surfaces it becomes more concentrated and makes it virtually impossible to see anything. Hobie Polarized lenses essentially works to filter out the glare and only transmit the light your eyes need to see.

A few years ago I managed to splash some water, that was highly concentrated with chlorine, into my eye and gave my eye a severe burn. The doctor said I needed to keep my eye out of the sun–tough to do when I was working at a camp all summer AND was the head lifeguard. I asked the doc. if I could keep working outside as long as I wore my sunglasses with polarized lenses and he said they’d work out perfect for me.

Not only do polarized lenses make it easier to see, they also protect your eyes. In case you were wondering, my eye is just fine.

Hydroclean Plus Lens Technology

Water spots annoy the crap out of me. That’s one reason I love my Boneyard sunglasses so much is that they don’t ever get water spots with the Hydroclean Plus Lenses. Without getting too technical, Hobie applies a series of hydrophobic and anti-reflective coatings to their lenses. The finished product is a lens that sheds water (like a rain jacket), reduces, dust and grime, and is easy to clean (the easiest lenses I’ve ever cleaned).


Hobie Polarized makes a quality and affordable pair of sunglasses. Most of their sunglasses are going to run you less than a Benjamin and I have a sweet pair provided by Hobie Polarized to give to one of you lucky folks.

Allow me to introduce to you The Wedge.Hobie Polarized The Wedge

Remember last week how I mentioned the names of all their sunglasses have some sort of beach/surfing theme behind the name? The Wedge is one heavy beach break at New Port Beach, CA. With a good south swell you’ll find scores of body surfers, body boarders, and surfers in the lineup looking to get slammed by a 20+ foot wave in about two feet of water. You really need to see a video of this break, if you haven’t already.

The Wedge is a stylish pair of sunglasses that’d look great on the face of a lady or dude (in my opinion). With the black frames and shiny brown tortoise design on the side, you’ll have a functional pair of sunglasses that’ll look great with anything. The grey lenses are perfect in bright conditions anywhere, whether you’re on the beach, deep sea fishing, or just cruising around town.

Fill out what you want below (more entries = better chance of winning). The contest closes at 11:59pm on Thursday and I’ll track down the winner on Friday.

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Hobie Polarized Sunglasses

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Tacos at the Beach Make the World Go Round

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This post is in conjunction with the #trailtime topic of “FOOD” on Thursday July 17th. Follow the Trail Time hashtag and let’s have some fun talking about everyone’s favorite topic–food. Head on over to the Sierra Trading Post Social Hub to see even more tasty food posts.

A day at the beach really make me work up an appetite. Depending on the beach you go to, you might have to pack your own lunch, or you might luck out and either have a food truck on the beach or some restaurants nearby. Either way, my favorite food to chow down on at the beach is a tasty taco.Taco Shack Tacos on New Smyrna Beach

If you’ve been following along for a while, you’ll know I’m a HUGE fan of items and foods that are functional. A taco’s very functional in the sense that you can load it up with all sorts of toppings like: meat, cheese, sour cream, guacamole, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, jalapenos, hot sauce. The possibilities are endless!

Suppose you make a taco that’s loaded with filling. There’s no way that you can possibly eat that sucker without making a mess. As long as you keep the mess contained to a plate or paper towel, just grab a few chips and start scooping. You basically get a great meal and some nachos on the side, without even paying extra for the nachos!

In case you don’t want to eat a taco, per say. All you would have to do is load up a tortilla, much like you would make a taco, make a bowl out of it or just don’t roll it up. Don’t be a cave man/woman. Have some manners and chow down with a fork and you’ve got yourself a taco salad.

One of my favorite recipes is taco in a bag. Open a bag of Frito’s and load it up with all your taco fillings. Once you’ve done that, shake it up really quick and start chowing down with a fork or spoon, your call.

Next time you’re planning a trip to the beach, channel your inner Hispanic and plan to grab some form of a taco or pack a couple tacos yourself. You’ll see firsthand how tacos at the beach make the world go round.


No One Cares That You Surf

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You just rode what you think is the best wave of your life. You’re paddling back to the line up, screaming yew! with a huge grin on your face. Your stoke is high and you’re ready to catch another wave, then you commit a cardinal sin of surfing.

Without thinking you look at the closest person to you and yell did you see that!?No one cares that you surf

The dude (or chick) sitting there looks at you and shakes their head to then look out to the horizon, scouting out their next wave. Finally you realize–

No One Cares That You Surf

It’s astonishing–I know. It took me a while to grasp this concept as well. Let’s think about this for a minute.

Did you really expect everyone in the lineup to virtually stop paddling and give up on catching the other waves in the set to watch you make a couple mediocre turns (you’re not on the ASP World Tour for a reason). You’re going to be heart broken if that’s the way you think because I’ve yet to see anyone do any of that.

The truth of the matter is that surfing’s a very selfish lifestyle (it’s not a sport) and surfers are very selfish human beings. We spend our time working at a job that allows us to take time off to travel to distant lands that produce waves for us to surf for a few mere seconds. While we’re at home, we’re checking the swell charts and planning our lives around the next swell to once again surf some waves for a few mere seconds. At times we even find that it’s worth is to sacrifice relationships to find our perfect wave.

To even have the slightest inclination that someone willing to spend thousands of dollars on a surf trip and sacrifice relationships is watching you surf is completely ludicrous. The fact is that they’re out in the lineup wanting to do the same thing as you, get away from the stresses of life and catch some waves. If someone by some chance does see your wave and pays you a compliment, a humble–thank you– is all that’s needed. Better yet, follow up that thank you with a–now it’s your turn to grab a wave–that’ll go a long wave with that person and others in the lineup.

Surfing’s about being at peace with oneself through being one with the wave. Hard to find that inner peace with some kook screaming–did you see that? The answer will almost always be–NO–because no one cares that you surf.

Photo Credit: Adam Fricke

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Gear Review: Hobie Boneyard Sunglasses

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The brand name Hobie resonates well with most folks in the water sports industry. Hobie’s known for making quality clothing for water sports enthusiasts and top of the line, surfboards, kayaks, sailboats, and stand up paddle boards. What tends to get lost in all the shuffle is their line of sunglasses that are specifically designed for said water sports enthusiasts.

I met with some folks from Hobie at the Surf Expo who schooled me on their sunglasses and the history that Hobie has in the sunglasses industry. They even hooked me up with a pair to test–that’s just what I’ve been doing.Hobie Boneyard Sunglasses Gear Review

Gear: Hobie Boneyard Sunglasses

My Thoughts: Solid pair of polarized sunglasses from a well respected company at an unbeatable price with a clever surf inspired name

What I’m Digging

First and foremost the style is pretty rad. The Boneyard is a sleek looking pair of sunglasses with a modern look that’s great for a day at the beach, hanging on the boat, or even for an afternoon summer barbecue–and the Hobie logo really POPS in the sun with the black frames. At first glance the Boneyard sunglasses look pretty big and that’s because they are. You get great sun protection from the polarized lenses and the wide side of the frames help to reduce sunlight from coming in on the sides unexpectedly and nailing your eyeballs.

The Hydroclean Plus Polycarbonate lenses are insane. They help reduce water spots by literally wiping the water away. Not sure how they do it and I personally don’t care. All I know is that I can see clear even after I get a little ocean spray on my glasses. If you’ve never experienced the magic of polarized sunglasses, these would be a great first pair.Hobie Boneyard Sunglasses Review

What I’m Missing

While I’ve managed to put this pair of sunglasses through a beating, I do find myself getting worried at times that they’re going to break. It’d be sick if the frames were a little bit stronger. Like I said earlier, these frames are big and they fit my fat head just perfect. I can see these sunglasses falling off anyone with a small head. Different size options would be a pretty sweet addition.

Final Thoughts

You can’t go wrong with a pair of sunglasses from Hobie. They’ve been producing top of the line sunglasses since 1982, were one of the first companies to introduce polarized lenses to the market, and their dedication to providing an excellent pair of sunglasses hasn’t changed.Hobie Boneyard Sunglasses

Get them: MSRP $79.99 Hobie Polarized

I was given a pair of sunglasses from Hobie as compensation for review. The thoughts and opinions stated above are my own.

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How to Prevent Getting Bit by a Shark

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Lately the main story on the news in Florida has been about sharks. Whether it be the Great White Shark making her way around the keys into the Gulf of Mexico or the smaller sharks that swim right next to surfers. Sharks just make a great story and cause a lot of hype during the summer with the mobs of land lovers that are drawn to the ocean.Jumping shark at New Smyrna Beach, Florida

The truth is that we really don’t have much to worry about when it comes to sharks. In the past 5 years there’s only been an average of 4.2 bites/attacks per year, worldwide. While we fear sharks, humans are the ones to be feared with an estimated 100 million shark killings each year.

Every time we step into the ocean, we take a risk. Sure there’s a chance of being bit by a shark, but follow these “X” steps to mitigate that risk of getting bit by shark. It’s worked for me–knock on wood.

Avoid Feeding Times

Sharks usually hunt at dawn and dusk. Common sense says to go in the water during the day between dawn and dusk, never go in the ocean at night as its just unsafe in general. Surfers do this thing called “dawn patrol” where they wake up and are in the water before the sun comes up. They do this to catch the best waves with the smallest lineup in the water. Not the smartest thing, but it’s a risk/reward game that even I dabble with from time to time.

 Keep the Splashing to a Minimum

Rapid movements and splashing creates vibrations in the water, sharks feel and are attracted to those vibrations. Keep the horseplay to a minimum and if you’re a die hard open water swimmer–all the power to ya.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Getting caught up in the fun of the beach is easy to let happen, I get it. That’s no excuse to be an idiot and get tunnel vision. Sharks are always looking for an easy meal and a school of fish is an easy meal. When you see a huge school of fish at your feet, it’s probably best to get out of the water. A huge flock of birds diving one after the other might look cool, but they’re feeding on a school of fish and so are some sharks underneath the water.

Stay Calm

You’ve done all the right things to avoid coming in contact with a shark, but sometimes things happen. When you see a shark near you in the water–stay calm! There’s no reason to freak out and an increased heart rate might actually attract the shark. Be still and let the shark swim past you. If you give it a reason to chase you, it will, if you don’t attract attention to yourself then it has no reason to check you out. Once the shark’s passed through, make your way back to shore to catch your breath and change your underwear.

There’s really no reason to fear a shark, it’s just as afraid of you as it is afraid of it. Just be aware and use some common sense when you’re at the beach this summer. Remember to keep in mind that you’re in their home, be a kind and respectful guest.

Photo from

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International Surfing Day: Falling In Love With Surfing

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Today’s International Surfing Day, an international holiday that was started 10 years ago by the Surfrider Foundation. International Surfing Day is a special day in the surfing community where hundreds of surfing communities get together for a beach cleanup or a similar environmental project that’s usually followed by a group paddle out, yoga session, surf film, or some other organized event to bring the local surf community together. All this on one day of the year to strengthen surf communities and help keep our beloved beaches clean and open for years to come.

The weeks and days leading up to International Surfing Day got me thinking deeper about surfing, the lifestyle, what it used to be, and what it’s done for me. Enjoy.International Surfing Day: Falling In Love With Surfing

It’s easy to see that surfing’s not what it used to be. What used to be a form of travel and exploration across the vast and beautiful ocean has turned into a sport. Surfing used to be a lifestyle to the watermen of the South Pacific. It was a way for them to explore, until their adventurous kids turned these giant logs into shred sleds and started having–funwhether they chose to stand or bellyboard their way down the wave.

What I would give to go back in time to see all of that happen

Fast forward thousands of years to little groms only looking to do airs off waves and win contests from an early age, like six years old. The true lifestyle and passion that surfing once was has slipped away. Everyone’s concerned about being the next Kelly Slater, landing a big sponsor that’ll fund all their surf trips and pay them six figures. Even parents are pushing their kids into competition, turning little surf buds into bitter rivals.

Gone are the days when buds would wake up early to check the surf and catch a couple waves with each other. Now we have weather charts and the ability to track waves, so we only go out when the waves are pristine and never take the time to surf what we’re given. We research places with great waves and never take the time to go out in search of new, unsurfed waves.

As beaches become more crowded, more and more fights break out over territory. Hardly anyone’s sharing the stoke with each other, we’ve become so selfish and want to keep our surf spots to ourselves. Instead of encouraging people to surf and take up the surfing lifestyle we know and live every day, we want to stop people from learning to surf. We print–Don’t Surf? Don’t Start–on t-shirts, in hopes of discouraging people to start surfing.

Who the hell gave me or any surfer the right to tell someone not surf and never get the chance to experience the love and stoke of surfing I’ve been fortunate enough to feel?

Let’s bring back those beautiful days of when we first learned to surf. Getting that feeling of being one with the wave and loving the moment of gliding down the line on our first wave. I’m talking about those days when riding white water was cool and getting slammed after taking off on a closeout was something to laugh about.

It’d be a thing of beauty to go back to the days when the best surfer out in the water was the one having the most fun. Who needs a group of guys sitting in a stand telling us how great that wave was or a video to prove it? All we need is to experience that feeling of taking off and riding on that perfect wave and feeling humbled by the experience the ocean just gave us, without feeling the need to gloat about it.Justin Fricke The Weekend Warrior Learning how to surf

I fell in love with surfing 14 years ago as my dad pushed me into my first wave and I cruised down the line on my uncle’s beat up Alekai Surfboard that was designed by Steve Forstall. He bought that thing from a pawn shop in the 70′s when he was in his teens and I would’ve ridden my dad’s old school board, but he sold it back in the day, probably to pay rent or something “important” like that. Every night before I go to bed and every morning when I wake up I thank God for giving me my parents that instilled the love of the ocean and the surfing lifestyle in me from a young age.

Surfing is one of the few constants that have stayed in my life. Without surfing, I don’t want know where I’d be today. If you ever get the chance, learn to surf, it may change your life forever.

Happy International Surfing Day!

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Learning to Surf What You’re Given

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These waves suck! There’s no way I’m paddling out in this mess.

Sound like something your buddy says during the summer doldrums? I used to be–that guy–uttering those malicious words.

A couple years ago I joined the workforce and became a 9-5er Weekend Warrior, much like the rest of America. Over the summer and part of winter I found myself hanging with my family at the beach on the weekends. Somewhere along the way I got lazy and only surfed when there were prime waves by my standards.

I absolutely refused to surf what I was given.Justin Fricke The Weekend Warrior Learning to Surf What You're Given

Going from cutting class in high school to surf and surfing everyday during the summer–to hardly ever surfing really put me in a slump and it coincidentally happened when my personal life was going haywire.

Lucky for me, Chasing Mavericks came out about that same time and really got some gears turning in my head. My mom knows me way too well and threw a book at me that next Christmas, Making Mavericks. It’s kind of the book version of the movie–and it’s way better than the movie.

I buried my head in that book so fast and got trucking through it. There finally came the time when California surf legend, Frosty Hesson, met local kid Jay Moriarty and started working with and teaching Jay about the art of surfing. Jay progressed real quick and Frosty kept on emphasizing that Jay needs to surf what he’s given. All that finally sank in one day when Jay got dead last in a surf contest, a contest he should have won, but the waves sucked and he didn’t even catch a wave.

At that moment I felt what Jay was feeling–a total failure.

There had been so many opportunities in front of me to be happy and get in the water with some buddies and just surf for the fun of it. Instead I resorted to being a beached whale, moping around wanting someone to feel sorry for me.

This past weekend had practically zero surf and those of us that went surfing were freaking out when a six inch to one foot wave would come rolling through. Even though the waves were so tiny, all of us were stoked out of our minds to be in the water surfing with each other and living in the moment while escaping life for a couple hours. It was so chill just sharing waves with each other without a care in the world.

The best day was on Sunday because I got to spend about four straight hours on Fathers Day surfing with my old man. The guy that pushed me into that first wave 16 years ago that got me hooked on surfing.

We were also the only kid/dad duo around.

Surfing’s so much more than just a bunch of kooks paddling around in the ocean trying to ride some walls of water to stay sane. It teaches you about life–nothing’s ever going to be perfect by our standards.

We might as well learn to surf what we’re given, in and out of the water.

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The Final Days of the Costa Rica Surf Trip

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If you’re missing the recap from Days 1-4, click here and here.

Day 5

The morning brought more waves and I was surfing even better than the previous days. After a couple hours the wind and changing tide came to tell me that it was time for breakfast and my morning nap. I’m dead serious when I tell you I had a rough schedule.

I feel like I haven’t shared enough pictures of everyone surfing, so here’s some pictures for you to feast your eyes on:

This is what almost all of Adam’s wipeouts look likeAdam Fricke wiping out

Here’s what else Adam can do on a surfboardAdam Fricke hanging 5 on his costa rica surf tripAdam Fricke hanging 10 on his Costa Rica Surf Trip

Brian (aka Dad) was loving the abundance of lefts we foundBrian Fricke surfing on his Costa Rica Surf TripBrian Fricke taking a left in Costa Rica

Mike got some nice turns in, like this oneMike on his Costa Rica Surf Trip

Nick would try to nab a baby barrel and throw a nice turn on other wavesNick going for a barrel on his Costa Rica Surf TripNick making a hard turn in Costa Rica

Yours trulyJustin Fricke the Weekend Warrior noseriding on his Costa Rica Surf Trip

Later on I got to chatting with a local and he told me all about this well he dug, how it’s going to feed enough water to his trees during the dry season, and his trees are going to provide enough fruit for his family and friends. That conversation was just life changing the way he talked and I feel like I need to cover that at another time–stay tuned.

By now everyone else in the group was up and hungry for lunch so we took off down the ghetto boardwalk to the beach and headed to a restaurant on the beach. Once we got there we noticed the price was triple what we were paying for food back where we were staying. We all just sat around for a bit in the shade, had a beer, and headed back for some moderately priced food.Boardwalk in Costa Rica

The waves were pretty lame that night with a lot of wind, but that didn’t stop us from giving it a shot. The sun was starting to set as I was walking out of the water and a whole crowd was forming to watch the sunset. “I never really understood why people gather to watch the sun disappear…so much more beauty in watching something arrive.” That quote from Rob Machado just kept running through my head as the sun slowly started to disappear, I started walking toward the boardwalk and looked back over the ocean one more time and the sun was gone. This beautiful sight was just gone.Sunset over Costa Rica

I guess we all just need to savor those moments before we turn our heads and their gone.

Day 6

The waves were starting to die and as the shortboarders crowded around a slabby peak at one end of the beach, us longboarders opted for a peak at the other end of the beach. I’m referring to my dad, brother, and me when I say longboarders. The three of us just sat on this one peak all alone and took wave-after wave- after wave-after wave all morning long. So much fun just getting to hang and surf with my dad and brother.Fricke's in Costa Rica surfingJustin and Adam surf high five in Costa Rica

This was our last day and my dad showed Adam, myself, and Nick the house he stayed in when he was there in December. It was a cool little place, but a good walk from the beach. A long, hot, dry walk down to the beach…no thanks. We met up with Mike after that and all five of us dudes took a nice stroll down the beach to the river mouth and I found a rock to bring back to my mom–she loved it.

We knew the wind had been blowing hard all day long and that there really wasn’t any point in trying to surf. We packed up our boards and in the process saw five scorpions. That quintuples the number of scorpions I’ve seen in my entire life! Afterwards Adam wanted to go down to the beach one last time to get some shots of the colored sky at sunset. He gave me a job that’s so far the best job I’ve ever had.

Beer Assistant!Justin Fricke the beer assistant

All I had to do was hold his beer while he was snapping pictures.Imperial Beer sunset in Costa Rica

Day 7

Traveled back home and from the time we got picked up from the Cabinas in Costa Rica to landing in Orlando, it took about 15 hours. It was a long day, but Adam did turn 22 and we had some celebratory Margaritas in the Miami airport waiting for our connection to Orlando.The Fricke guys in Costa Rica

It was a fantastic trip that really couldn’t have gone any better–my favorite all guys surf trip to date!

All photos courtesy of Adam Fricke Photography.

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There’s Monkeys in Costa Rica…Waves Were Good

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You can click here to relive the first bit of my Costa Rican surf trip.

Before I get into more of this recap, I think I forgot to mention that we weren’t alone. We were accompanied by Howler Monkeys in the trees! Enjoy this monkey picture–no need to thank me.Howler Monkey in Costa Rica

Day 3

Another early 5:30 am wake up call and my longboard was still stuck in my day bag. After a few more unsuccessful tries to free my board, we ended up cutting part of the day bag to jar my board loose. A small price to pay and boy was it worth it. Though the waves were a tad smaller, they were still peeling great and made for some epic rides. I caught some of the best waves of my life and had no idea I could hold a nose ride for that long!

Guess I just needed better waves.Justin Fricke The Weekend Warrior hanging 5 in Costa Rica

And there’s times when wave quality has nothing to do with it and the stupidity lies within the goob trying to surf.Justin Fricke The Weekend Warrior falling in Costa Rica

Justin Fricke the Weekend Warrior falling

After a big breakfast it was time for my morning nap followed by tacos and beer for lunch–mmmmmm tacos :)–followed by my afternoon nap, and capped off the day with a little sunset surf, more tacos for dinner with Cafe Rica and chocolate cake for dessert. I know what you’re thinking–I did have it rough in Costa Rica, but somebody’s gotta do it.

If you haven’t tried Cafe Rica, you really need to. Two shots on the rocks with some form of sweet food to go with it. I suggest chocolate cake or vanilla ice cream, or both!

Day 4

Same schedule different day and once again caught some of the best waves of my life. I decided to make it a little interesting and think I’m a better surfer than I am and instead of making a drop and going around my brothers board, ran into it and cracked the bottom of my board. His board made out just fine.

Came back from our morning surf to hear the So. Cal. guys tell us about an unnecessary run in with some locals at the spot they drove to that morning. In essence, one of their guys was in the fault and wouldn’t claim responsibility, it’s an interesting story that I’ll share soon.

Spent the afternoon taking care of a ding repair and that repair looks jank as all get up. I think it gives the board some character and I can say gave it a little ding in Costa Rica, I just won’t go into details of how it happened.

That night I decided to body surf some waves instead of surf. Took the GoPro out and got a pretty cool still shot of my dad. I guess old guys can still surf.Brian Fricke surfing in Costa Rica

Photo of the monkey in the tree and in the water is courtesy of Adam Fricke Photography and keep checking back for more updates on the trip!

Reliving Costa Rica and a Sweet Gig

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Before I left for  Costa Rica I told you I had some exciting news to share when I got back. I can finally share with you that Sierra Trading Post asked me and nine other outdoor bloggers to join forces this summer and be part of TeamSierra! We’ll all be sharing different stories, tips, and outdoor adventures on the Sierra Social Hub and I must say that there’s so exciting stuff coming up. Check the Sierra Social Hub often and make sure you follow and keep up with Sierra Trading Post and the other members of TeamSierra.

Alright now let’s get to reliving this surf trip.

Day One

Travel day that started at 4:30 am to get to the airport and catch a 7:30 am flight to Miami and grab a connection to Liberia, Costa Rica. We arrived ahead of schedule and if you ever check a fragile bag, like three surfboard bags, don’t ever watch the baggage handlers with your fragile luggage unless you want your blood pressure to soar through the roof. After that and the fiasco otherwise known as customs was done, we schlepped everything on top of our driver’s van, stopped at a little restaurant for almuerzo, and then headed out to our cabina hotel.Early morning flight at orlando international airport

The drive wasn’t bad, just 1.5 hours and when we got to the cabina hotel, we checked in real quick, threw on our baggies, grabbed our boards and booked it for the beach. We didn’t care what the waves looked like, we just wanted to surf. The waves turned out to be a bit small and mushy with a lot of texture from the wind, but everyone was catching waves and the stoke was high. A great way to start off a surf trip.

Day Two

It was another early morning and the bright side was waking up at 5:30 am wasn’t so bad with the two hour difference. Really waking up at 5:30 am was more like waking up at 7:30 am, that’s sleeping in for me. We were in the water catching waves by 6:10 am. The morning had a stillness about it with no wind, glassing out the peeling head high waves. By the 8:00 am the waves started to die and the lineup was getting more crowded. We met some guys from Southern California staying at the same place we were and I just couldn’t understand why they were getting mad at the ocean for producing smaller waves than they wanted.

To me it made no sense since the ocean in a sense gives me life and here they are getting mad at it solely because the waves were starting to die. Had they been out earlier they would’ve scored clean waves. I guess that makes my relationship and draw to the ocean that much more special.

After breakfast Adam and I grabbed our fins and handboards and headed to the beach for a little bodysurfing action. It was so great to finally bodysurf some clean waves, something that’s rare to us in Florida.Justin Fricke the Weekend Warrior on his Slyde Handboard in Costa Rica

The rest of the day consisted of more eating, naps, and another sunset surf. I didn’t get to surf since I was a slow poke and everyone headed down to the beach ahead of me. No big deal except that I wanted me longboard and that sucker wouldn’t break free from the day bag it was in. The wax had melted and fused to the inside of my bag. I took some selfies in a tree on the beach instead!Justin Fricke the Weekend Warrior in a tree in Costa Rica

Keep checking back to relive my Costa Rica surf trip with me!

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