Outdoor Companies Go All Out With Pranks on April Fools Day

April Fools Day is always a fun day for me. Whether I’m pranking someone or am getting pranked myself, it’s all in good fun and games. This year was a little quiet for me, I didn’t plan a grand scheme like baking an Oreo Pie and use mayonnaise, vinegar, salt, and dirt in the ingredients. No one got me by putting a fake rat or cockroach in my desk drawer either.

That wasn’t the case for some outdoor companies. Their pranks surfaced early in the day and they kept me entertained all day long. Here are some of my favorite April Fools Day pranks I saw on Tuesday, in no particular order.

ENO Hammocks Bacon Scented Doublenest Hammock

Eagles Nest Outfitter Bacon Scented Doublenest Hammock

Photo: Eagles Nest Outfitters

I’ve yet to meet an outdoor adventurer that doesn’t love the smell of bacon. I was jumping at the bit to get my hands on this hammock once I saw it surface on Twitter. Once I was thinking clearly again, I realized that bears, mountain lions, wolves, etc. probably really like the smell of bacon just as much as adventurers. A bacon scented hammock would be like a piece of meat dangling in the trees for a predator to come after. Although it’d be pretty awesome to lounge in something that smelled like bacon, it’d be a terrible idea.

Great prank ENO!

 Chaco Barefoot Z’s

Chacos Barefoot Z2 Sandals

Photo: Chaco

Chaco sold this new barefoot sandal, hard. Not only did they promote it on social media, but they also incorporated it into their 25 year anniversary campaign and promoted this on the front page of their website. At first glance this new design seems to be pretty cool and would appeal to the folks that are engulfed in the barefoot training fad, but it’s so simple when you look a little closer. All they did was wrap someone’s feet with Chaco webbing in the design of the Z2 sandal.

Wrap your foot up with some old webbing you’ve got lying around, take a picture, and send it to Chaco. I’m sure they’d get a kick out of it…don’t forget to give credit where credit’s due. 😉

 The Inertia University of Surfing

The Inertia University of Surfing College

Photo: The Inertia

I about pooped myself when I read the headline on The Inertia saying that there was going to be a University of Surfing opening its doors to students this fall in La Jolla, CA. Good thing I didn’t because this was a total hoax. All of it seemed legitimate until you get to the bottom and see that Kelly Slater’s going to be teaching a class. If you follow Slater on any form of social media, you’d know how he feels about higher education. And if you don’t know how he feels about higher education, let’s just say that there’s a better chance of finding surf in Kansas than seeing Slater in a college classroom, let along teaching a college course.

Thanks for getting my hopes up, The Inertia.

REI Gulliver Tiny Tent

REI Gulliver TIny Tent

Photo: REI

Outdoor adventurers are constantly looking for ways to cut weight out of their pack. A tiny tent is the perfect solution, until you realize that REI’s just messing with you and this tent to cover your head is just another April Fools Day prank. Check the suggested items section, my buddy Mike had to point it out to me before I noticed it and the add-ons are hilarious.

Good trickery REI.

Gear Junkie “Barefoot” Cycling Shoe

The Gear Junkie Vibram 5 Finger and Shimano Cycling Shoes

Photo: Gear Junkie

Playing to the hearts of the barefoot enthusiasts, Gear Junkie announced that Shimano and Vibram joined forces to create The PentiCleat. It’s supposed to adhere to the natural motion of your foot, but any cyclist knows that you want some stiff shoes. This was sheer buffoonery and the folks at gear Junkie did a great job at selling it.

Hat’s off to you, Gear Junkie

What April Fools Day pranks did you see?

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