NSB’s New Brewery: New Smyrna Beach Brewing Company

I’m always on the look out for new local things and this past fall, my mom sent me an article about a new craft brewery starting up in New Smyrna. Over President’s Day Weekend, I finally got the chance to go there with Alison and I must say that these New Smyrna natives sure do know how to boil up a tasty batch of beer at the New Smyrna Beach Brewing Company.NSB's New: Brewery: New Smyrna Beach Brewing Company

We wandered on in one Sunday afternoon during an art festival and the place was slammed–always a good sign. We found a couple open bar stools and were quickly greeted by one of the bartenders. As we were looking at the beer menu on the opposing wall, I noticed that they didn’t have my go-to beer style, an IPA. I told her what I look for in a beer–something hoppy, limited caramel flavor, and liable to make the typical Bud Light drinker wince, she urged me to try their Shark Bite Pale Ale and I was sold. Alison on the other hand like something not so rough on the palate and opted for their Coronado Cream Ale.

All I have to say is that those were some tasty brews. The Shark Bite Pale Ale had the right amount of bite to it to satisfy my crazy taste buds without being too overwhelming. I wasn’t a huge fan of the Coronado Cream Ale, after trying a sip of Alison’s pint. it was just too lite for me, but the taste was there. She; however, loved it and I can see why. Very rich taste with a hint of sweetness will draw a lot of people to love this beer, even non-beer lovers. I think it’d also serve as a great palette cleanser after having a strong beer.

The inside is pretty small and has a surf town feel to it. There’s a couple high-top tables by the window and the bar itself seats about 20 people. Makes for a great setting to spark new conversation and make new friends over beer. They even display their beer making equipment and ingredients right behind the bar and below their flat screen TV. They’re planning on offering growlers to their customers as well. It’s a legal way for the customer to walk out the door with fresh beer. All you’ll have to do is buy a resealable/reusable bottle, have them fill it with beer, seal it up, and you can walk right out the door with some beer to enjoy at home.

While I was talking with the owners, Chris Coyle and Sara Lammers, they kept emphasizing how they wanted to keep everything local and fresh. When you look at the beer menu, you’ll see that the names of all their beers are in some way related to New Smyrna Beach. If you’re new to the area, just ask Chris and Sara about the significance to each beer name or you can even ask a New Smyrna Beach local and they’ll be happy to tell you all about it.

They plan on keeping things fresh by having five of their beers on tap all the time. A couple more taps are going to hold other beers from different craft brewers across Florida. Chris was saying that when you walk into the New Smyrna Beach Brewing Company, their beer is going to served from a keg with a high turnover. When you’re ordering their beer, it’s going to be two or three weeks old, rather than sitting in a warehouse for a month or two before being sold.

When you’re looking for a fresh brew, swing on by the New Smyrna Beach Brewing Company at 112 Sams Avenue. They’re brewing beer Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and are open for beers Thursday and Friday 2:00 pm-10:00 pm, Saturday noon-10:00 pm, and Sunday noon-7:00 pm.

If you ever get a chance to visit the New Smyrna Beach Brewing Company, let me know what you think!

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