There’s Monkeys in Costa Rica…Waves Were Good

You can click here to relive the first bit of my Costa Rican surf trip.

Before I get into more of this recap, I think I forgot to mention that we weren’t alone. We were accompanied by Howler Monkeys in the trees! Enjoy this monkey picture–no need to thank me.Howler Monkey in Costa Rica

Day 3

Another early 5:30 am wake up call and my longboard was still stuck in my day bag. After a few more unsuccessful tries to free my board, we ended up cutting part of the day bag to jar my board loose. A small price to pay and boy was it worth it. Though the waves were a tad smaller, they were still peeling great and made for some epic rides. I caught some of the best waves of my life and had no idea I could hold a nose ride for that long!

Guess I just needed better waves.Justin Fricke The Weekend Warrior hanging 5 in Costa Rica

And there’s times when wave quality has nothing to do with it and the stupidity lies within the goob trying to surf.Justin Fricke The Weekend Warrior falling in Costa Rica

Justin Fricke the Weekend Warrior falling

After a big breakfast it was time for my morning nap followed by tacos and beer for lunch–mmmmmm tacos :)–followed by my afternoon nap, and capped off the day with a little sunset surf, more tacos for dinner with Cafe Rica and chocolate cake for dessert. I know what you’re thinking–I did have it rough in Costa Rica, but somebody’s gotta do it.

If you haven’t tried Cafe Rica, you really need to. Two shots on the rocks with some form of sweet food to go with it. I suggest chocolate cake or vanilla ice cream, or both!

Day 4

Same schedule different day and once again caught some of the best waves of my life. I decided to make it a little interesting and think I’m a better surfer than I am and instead of making a drop and going around my brothers board, ran into it and cracked the bottom of my board. His board made out just fine.

Came back from our morning surf to hear the So. Cal. guys tell us about an unnecessary run in with some locals at the spot they drove to that morning. In essence, one of their guys was in the fault and wouldn’t claim responsibility, it’s an interesting story that I’ll share soon.

Spent the afternoon taking care of a ding repair and that repair looks jank as all get up. I think it gives the board some character and I can say gave it a little ding in Costa Rica, I just won’t go into details of how it happened.

That night I decided to body surf some waves instead of surf. Took the GoPro out and got a pretty cool still shot of my dad. I guess old guys can still surf.Brian Fricke surfing in Costa Rica

Photo of the monkey in the tree and in the water is courtesy of Adam Fricke Photography and keep checking back for more updates on the trip!


    • The Weekend Warrior says

      When there’s surfing and beer involved, the trip’s always most excellent.

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