Traveling Mishaps on the Way to Hood to Coast

Initially I was thinking a quick line that said something like had a non-nonchalant trip out to Seattle would suffice for describing my travel for Hood to Coast. That idea was quickly shattered when I learned my 8:00 am flight would be delayed an hour for mechanical issues and Southwest was rerouting me and a slew of other passengers to Seattle.emergency exit row to hood to coast

You see the plan was to fly from Orlando to Las Veags with an hour layover before departing for Seattle and arriving at 1:20 pm, giving me an entire day to hangout with my fellow Nuun Ambassadors and Hood to Coast teammates. There was no way I would make my flight from Las Vegas to Seattle and I was informed that the quickest and best route to Seattle would be for me to fly from Orlando to New Orleans, New Orleans to Los Angeles, Los Angeles to Oakland, and finally Oakland to Seattle. That schedule put me landing in Seattle right at 6:00 pm.

With my sorry for the inconvenience travel voucher in hand, I prepped myself for what would be a long travel day. Standing in line for Southwest’s open seating policy, I got to chatting with a retired couple that I quickly made friends with since we’d be taking the same route to Seattle. Since we got moved onto this flight, we got separated when it came time to board since we were some of the last people on the plane.

Instead of sitting with a happy couple, I got stuck sitting with a grouchy lady who couldn’t stand flying on Southwest flights because of the open seating policy. It took everything in me not to tell her she should zip it and quit flying Southwest if she hates it so much. She made it so hard to stay positive on an already suck day, but the flight was short and I got to jump to the Emergency Exit Row since I didn’t have to deplane.

Once I got to Los Angeles I headed straight for the golden arches and got some new specialty burger–I was starving. Sat down near a charging station and this poor lady on the phone had to watch me eat this burger in the most malicious way. She said it smelled good, once she got off the phone, and I apologized for her having to witness that devouring of a burger. We got to chatting and we just shot the breeze and exchanged stories as we waited for our flights and I told her how I watched some dude walk through the airport 20 minutes ago and roll his carry-on bag through dog crap in the airport, thanks to one of those little dogs–true story.

After an hour I rendezvoused with the retired couple I met in Orlando and we were boarding our flight to Oakland, another short flight. Once there we chatted some more and they told me to sit on the right side of the plane if I wanted to get the best view of Mt. Rainier and I’m so glad they did.

We got separated in seating again, but the husband saw Mt. Rainier and looked back at where I was sitting to make sure I saw that beautiful volcanic mountain out the window–how cool and nice is that! Seeing Mt. Rainier just about brought tears to my eyes, signifying this hellacious travel day was over, a fun adventure was beginning, and I got to see a mountain I’ll be climbing in the future.

It was one heck of a travel day, but I got to meet and hang with some really cool people that I otherwise would never have gotten to hangout with. I guess there was some good in that insane day.

Keep checking back throughout the week, this Hood to Coast adventure is just beginning.

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    • The Weekend Warrior says

      Thanks Heidi! It was one of those things that was out of my control, so might as well make the best of a crappy situation.

    • The Weekend Warrior says

      Hanging with you and the entire long weekend was totally worth that little fiasco. 🙂

    • The Weekend Warrior says

      Hey it’s all good. Made the rest of the trip even better, you’ll start getting a glimpse into that tomorrow 😉


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