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A couple weeks ago, you might recall that I shared my review of the Hobie Polarized Boneyard Sunglasses with you. Hobie Polarized saw how much I love my shades, so they wanted me to share a pair with you. Before I get to that giveaway, I want to share with you some history of the Hobie Polarized brand and give you a little insight into the technology of their sunglasses.Hobie Polarized

And if you’re just here for the giveaway, scroll to the bottom (it’s all good).


The Hobie brand dates all the way back to the 1950’s when Hobie Alter invented a surfboard for beach lifeguards. With Alter’s passion for innovation, he became one of the first to utilize a new polarized lens that were originally developed for pilots in WWII. If it’s good enough for the United State Military, it must be good enough for the ordinary U.S. citize–right?

Polarized Lens Technology

I’m sure most of us have used and seen the benefits of polarized lenses and if you haven’t, you’re really missing out. Polarized lenses significantly cuts down the on the glare that light produces. Living near the water all my life, I only thought it occurred when the light hit the water, but that’s false. Glare can occur when it hits snow, roads, sand, ice, water (of course) etc. So glare can pretty much show up anywhere. As light hits these surfaces it becomes more concentrated and makes it virtually impossible to see anything. Hobie Polarized lenses essentially works to filter out the glare and only transmit the light your eyes need to see.

A few years ago I managed to splash some water, that was highly concentrated with chlorine, into my eye and gave my eye a severe burn. The doctor said I needed to keep my eye out of the sun–tough to do when I was working at a camp all summer AND was the head lifeguard. I asked the doc. if I could keep working outside as long as I wore my sunglasses with polarized lenses and he said they’d work out perfect for me.

Not only do polarized lenses make it easier to see, they also protect your eyes. In case you were wondering, my eye is just fine.

Hydroclean Plus Lens Technology

Water spots annoy the crap out of me. That’s one reason I love my Boneyard sunglasses so much is that they don’t ever get water spots with the Hydroclean Plus Lenses. Without getting too technical, Hobie applies a series of hydrophobic and anti-reflective coatings to their lenses. The finished product is a lens that sheds water (like a rain jacket), reduces, dust and grime, and is easy to clean (the easiest lenses I’ve ever cleaned).


Hobie Polarized makes a quality and affordable pair of sunglasses. Most of their sunglasses are going to run you less than a Benjamin and I have a sweet pair provided by Hobie Polarized to give to one of you lucky folks.

Allow me to introduce to you The Wedge.Hobie Polarized The Wedge

Remember last week how I mentioned the names of all their sunglasses have some sort of beach/surfing theme behind the name? The Wedge is one heavy beach break at New Port Beach, CA. With a good south swell you’ll find scores of body surfers, body boarders, and surfers in the lineup looking to get slammed by a 20+ foot wave in about two feet of water. You really need to see a video of this break, if you haven’t already.

The Wedge is a stylish pair of sunglasses that’d look great on the face of a lady or dude (in my opinion). With the black frames and shiny brown tortoise design on the side, you’ll have a functional pair of sunglasses that’ll look great with anything. The grey lenses are perfect in bright conditions anywhere, whether you’re on the beach, deep sea fishing, or just cruising around town.

Fill out what you want below (more entries = better chance of winning). The contest closes at 11:59pm on Thursday and I’ll track down the winner on Friday.

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Hobie Polarized Sunglasses

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