Happy Hammock Day!

Happy Hammock Day! Didn’t know it was Hammock Day? That’s alright, let me tell you what it’s all about.Hammock Day is strategically placed on July 22nd which is right in the middle of the Dog Days of summer (July 3rd-August11th).

It’s a day where everyone is supposed to sit back in their hammocks and relax. Getting up to get another cold drink with a little umbrella or some food is acceptable, but there’s no other reason to get up. Mowing the lawn is definitely not allowed today. I have no idea who thought it up or who made Hammock Day official, but I do thank him/her.There are other nylon parachute hammocks on the market that are competitively priced, but I always choose ENO. They’re the first to introduce the parachute hammock design to the outdoors and their products are the best. Obviously, the most well-known product are their hammocks. They offer a variety of sizes, colors, and you can even get a hammock with Insect Shield.

Justin The Weekend Warrior lounging back in his doublenest hammock by ENO

I do enjoy making money and avoiding debt, so I’m not skipping out on work today. Instead, I’ll be hopping in my hammock after work and relaxing the rest of the night. My hammock set up consists of the Doublenest Hammock, Guardian Bug Net, Atlas Suspension, and the Pro Fly rain tarp (when it’s raining) by Eagles Nest Outfitters (ENO).

ENO’s suspension systems are the best on the market. Made with sturdy Nylon or Polyfilament Webbing, these suspension systems are sure to hold up and look good to. I’ve seen other companies that use a cord with knots tied in it where you clip your hammock to the preferred knot length, but c’mon,  anyone can do that. I’ve also seen other hammocks where there’s just cord attached to each end of the hammock and you have to tie the cord around a tree, which poses some problems when it comes to tree spacing and the width of the trees.

I’ve also found, through my research, that ENO’s hammocks are also more packable. If you’re an ultra-light backpacker or traveler, you know that space is essential. ENO makes hammocks that are easy to pack on the go and that pack down the smallest.

Last and most important, I’ve found that their customer service is top notch. It’s s easy to get in touch with these folks. You can give them a call and leave a message, if they don’t answer, and can expect a phone call back that day. If you don’t like the phone you can also send them an email with expectations of a quick response. They’re also on a lot of social media platforms like: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. When you give them a “Like” or a “Follow,” you can rest assured that you’ll stay up-to-date with all their contests, specials, and new products.

I hope you’re able to enjoy and relax in your hammock on Hammock Day. If you don’t have a hammock yet, get over to your ENO retailer (or their website) to get your ENO hammock today.

Photo courtesy of Adam Fricke Photography


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