Gone Surfing in Costa Rica-Will Return…

After reading this humbling article last week about Learning to Love the Closeout, I was determined to get in the water and surf this weekend no matter what. A solid swell (by Florida’s standards) came through last week, while I was pecking away at a keyboard in my cube. By the time Saturday rolled around there was just a couple ankle to knee high swells left over with a bunch of onshore wind, not ideal surfing conditions.

Better than a day that office, am I right?

You know what’s even better than a less than stellar day (yet still fun and relaxing) at your home break on the weekend?

An entire week of surfing in Costa Rica!

Justin The Weekend Warrior Surfing in Costa Rica

Inaugural All Guys Trip: Circa 2010

Hopefully by now you’ve guessed that I’m going on my annual all guys surf trip. Last year we went to El Salvador for a week and while we had a blast there, this year we’re heading to Costa Rica. It’s a bit of a different group this year as well, just five of us are going. While the young guns generally outnumber the old farts, that’s not the case for this trip. The young guns going this year are myself and my brother while the old farts consist of my dad and two of his buddies.

Less competition for waves is the way I see it! 😉

Since I’ll be in Costa Rica for a week, I’m going to be taking this time to just chill. Things have been a bit crazy lately and a week of straight surfing my brains out and drinking mas cervesas is in order. I’ll be back with a fire come next Wednesday, once I catch some Z’s after a day of traveling back on Tuesday (5/6).

I may or may not have been keeping a secret for two for a couple weeks and you’ll just have to check back next week to see what all that’s about.

Keep adventuring in my absence, I want to hear all about the shenanigans you’ve been able to get into while I’m busy surfing in Costa Rica

Farewell and see you in a week!

When I get some wifi connection, chances are I’ll be posting some updates, so make sure you’re following me on Twitter and Instagram to see the shenanigans I get into while I’m surfing in Costa Rica. What a second, I can’t neglect Facebook.

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    • The Weekend Warrior says

      Thanks Heidi! Got here yesterday afternoon and have been scoring waves since we’ve been here 🙂


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