Gear Review: Sly Fox Nutrition Snack Bars

Being allergic to peanuts can make it really tough when it comes to choosing foods. Luckily, my peanut allergy isn’t too bad and I can still eat foods that are manufactured in the same facility and on the same equipment that manufactures food with peanuts, without keeling over or stabbing myself with an EpiPen. However; I try to stay away from those foods as much as I can. I’ve found it helps me reduce my sniffles and the amount of sinus infections I get each year (my record is 5, so far).

When I heard that Sly Fox Nutrition made snack bars for outdoor enthusiasts without peanuts and made their snack bars in a peanut-free environment, I thought it was to good to be true.

Sly Fox Nutrition Cocoa Berry Snack Bar

Vanilla Bean Snack Bar from Sly Fox Nutrition

Sly Fox Nutrition Pumpkin Pecan Snack Bar

Peppermint Chip Snack Bar from Sly Fox Nutrition

I got to try and incorporate four different flavors of their snack bars into my training: Vanilla Bean, Peppermint Chip, Pumpkin Pecan, and Cocoa Berry. The flavors were quite tasty and no sniffles on my end after eating them.  Below is a little more in-depth view of what I thought about these snack bars and when I used them.


  • REAL food
  • “Light”
  • Peanut-free
  • Tasty

You’ve probably tasted TONS of snack bars that say they’ll make you “perform better.” I’m not sure about you, but I’ve found that to actually be far from the truth. A lot of these companies will use organic ingredients, but then load them up with sugar and other processed ingredients. To me, this makes them overly sweet, slows me down, and they just “sit” in my stomach after crash landing inside me like a meteorite hitting the earth. The snack bars that I tried from Sly Fox Nutrition were completely opposite of everything I just described to you.

Made with real ingredients, it didn’t feel like a massive rock from outer space was making a crash landing inside the mid-section of my body. It just made my hunger, disappear. They never slowed me down and frankly, gave me that quick push to get me going before my work out (more on that in a minute).

These peanut-free snack bars were quite tasty as well. The first flavor I tried was Cocoa Berry and was expecting to be overwhelmed by the taste. I was completely caught off guard when I took my first bite and it tasted like a fairy lightly dusted the snack bar with Cocoa Berry dust. At first I did taste the Cocoa Berry, but then the taste wore off and I actually tasted all the different ingredients. It took a little getting used to, but once I knew what to expect I actually enjoyed that more than being overwhelmed with artificial flavors.


  • Lack of distribution

The biggest complaint I have is that I have to order these snack bars online. Having only been in business since December 2012, they’re only sold in the Phoenix, AZ area and online. Personally, I prefer to have the convenience of being able to go to my local grocery store and pick some off the shelf when I get home from work.

Best use:

  • Pre-workout
  • During workout

The snack bars have been a great pre-workout snack. I’ve been training for my Century Ride coming up on November 9th and these have been the perfect snack bar to much on before I go out on my rides. It’s just enough to ease that after-work hunger, without making me feel like I have to give it back 20 miles into my ride. I’ve also been munching on them at the climbing gym when I start hearing that growling noise in the pit of my stomach. It keeps my stomach full without turning my low gravity climbing day into a high gravity day.

Remember that this is a snack bar and that’s what I think it should be used for, to make your hunger subside between meals. I’m no dietitian, but I wouldn’t recommend these snack bars as a meal substitute.

The big question is: would I eat these snack bars again? You betcha I would! Where else can you get real food packed into a snack bar, that’s manufactured in a peanut-free environment? The only company I know about would be Sly Fox Nutrition. These snack bars get 4.5 out of 5 stars in my book!

You can get more information about the company, their story, snack bars, and other products on the Sly Fox Nutrition website: Sly Fox Nutrition is also great at keeping in touch on Twitter and Facebook.

I was provided with snack bar samples, but the views expressed are solely mine.

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