Gear Review: ICEdot Crash Sensor

Heading out for a bike ride, I always tell someone where I’m going and when I’ll be back when I’m riding alone. So far that’s been the best safety precaution I can take and so far, I’ve been lucky that nothing’s gone wrong. The flaw in this system’s that I could get hurt, knocked out for instance, at the beginning of my ride. I could be lying there for hours before a Good Samaritan comes to my rescue or before my check-in buddy notices I haven’t checked-in and calls for help. It could be too late by then!

The above is an absolute worst scenario and it’s always best to plan for the worst. That’s where the ICEdot crash sensor comes to the rescue. This nifty device attaches to your bike helmet and sends out an emergency text to the contacts you choose with your exact location, if it detects that you’ve crashed hard enough to knock you out. The ICEdot crash sensor is a game changer I tell ya.ICEdot crash sensor on a helmet

 Gear: ICEdot crash sensor

My thoughts: Game changing safety device that EVERY cyclist should own

What I’m digging

First and foremost, the ICEdot is easy to set up and use. Attaching the holder to your helmet just requires a couple zip ties (provided) and a pair of scissors to cut the ends. Unclipping the ICEdot from its holder takes some work at first, but I’d much rather it be secure than loose with the high probability of losing it.

To start using the ICEdot, all I had to do was download the free app, set up my profile and input my emergency contacts. That entire process took me less than 10 minutes. After a night of charging, I started testing my ICEdot the next day on my bike ride. Syncing the ICEdot to the app through bluetooth was a breeze and I was stoked to see that the app even showed me how much juice I had left in my ICEdot. With me being a visual guy, I like seeing the red dot show up on the crash sensor, letting me know it’s alive and working.

In case you take a fall and you’re OK, but the ICEdot goes off, you have 30 second to tap the I’m OK button and prevent an emergency text from going out.

A wristband’s also included for you to wear on runs. It gives first responders and Good Samaritans a way to get your medical history and your emergency contacts.

More below on why I say it’s good for you to wear this on your runs.ICEdot crash sensor

What I’d change

What’d put this safety device over the top is if it was more functional. I found the ICEdot to be best for bike rides, not running. Case in point: I put my ICEdot in my back pocket during a run and halfway through my run, my phone was flooded with concerned texts and calls from my parents. Evidently my ICEdot was shaken around enough and sensed that I had fallen hard and possibly bumped my noggin too hard and sent out an emergency text to my parents. I didn’t realize it had done that and missed my chance to hit the I’m OK button when it came up.

FYI: all was well after a quick phone call, glad to know this works and got a better understanding of how it works!

The last thing I’d change is to make it work even without a cell phone signal. The only way for the ICEdot to send out a message to your contacts and know where you are is if your phone has a signal. I occasionally go mountain biking in areas where I don’t have a signal, deeming the ICEdot ineffective.

 Final thoughts

With the amount of mountain and road bike fatalities each year, the ICEdot crash sensor should be welcomed into the cycling community with open arms. I believe this simple safety device is a life saver, should a worst case scenario occur.

Why wouldn’t you use the ICEdot crash sensor?

Buy the ICEdot crash sensor–MSRP: $149.99

I was provided an ICEdot crash sensor for review and as payment. This does not change the opinions and views expressed above.

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  1. Chris says

    Wow! This is a cool product that I didn’t know about…Thanks. I completely agree with your thoughts on needing a cell phone signal. Kind of a bummer, but a great concept.

    • The Weekend Warrior says

      Glad you like it Chris! I’m hoping ICEdot’s got some plans to release an updated version that doesn’t require a cell signal. Who knows, that might be right around the corner with the progression of technology.

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