Gear Review: Hobie Boneyard Sunglasses

The brand name Hobie resonates well with most folks in the water sports industry. Hobie’s known for making quality clothing for water sports enthusiasts and top of the line, surfboards, kayaks, sailboats, and stand up paddle boards. What tends to get lost in all the shuffle is their line of sunglasses that are specifically designed for said water sports enthusiasts.

I met with some folks from Hobie at the Surf Expo who schooled me on their sunglasses and the history that Hobie has in the sunglasses industry. They even hooked me up with a pair to test–that’s just what I’ve been doing.Hobie Boneyard Sunglasses Gear Review

Gear: Hobie Boneyard Sunglasses

My Thoughts: Solid pair of polarized sunglasses from a well respected company at an unbeatable price with a clever surf inspired name

What I’m Digging

First and foremost the style is pretty rad. The Boneyard is a sleek looking pair of sunglasses with a modern look that’s great for a day at the beach, hanging on the boat, or even for an afternoon summer barbecue–and the Hobie logo really POPS in the sun with the black frames. At first glance the Boneyard sunglasses look pretty big and that’s because they are. You get great sun protection from the polarized lenses and the wide side of the frames help to reduce sunlight from coming in on the sides unexpectedly and nailing your eyeballs.

The Hydroclean Plus Polycarbonate lenses are insane. They help reduce water spots by literally wiping the water away. Not sure how they do it and I personally don’t care. All I know is that I can see clear even after I get a little ocean spray on my glasses. If you’ve never experienced the magic of polarized sunglasses, these would be a great first pair.Hobie Boneyard Sunglasses Review

What I’m Missing

While I’ve managed to put this pair of sunglasses through a beating, I do find myself getting worried at times that they’re going to break. It’d be sick if the frames were a little bit stronger. Like I said earlier, these frames are big and they fit my fat head just perfect. I can see these sunglasses falling off anyone with a small head. Different size options would be a pretty sweet addition.

Final Thoughts

You can’t go wrong with a pair of sunglasses from Hobie. They’ve been producing top of the line sunglasses since 1982, were one of the first companies to introduce polarized lenses to the market, and their dedication to providing an excellent pair of sunglasses hasn’t changed.Hobie Boneyard Sunglasses

Get them: MSRP $79.99 Hobie Polarized

I was given a pair of sunglasses from Hobie as compensation for review. The thoughts and opinions stated above are my own.

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