Gear Review: Chaco OutCross Web Shoe

Let’s be honest with ourselves, we don’t really like lacing up our shoes more than once a day or putting our feet in wet shoes after a day out on the water. The next best thing is to wear sandals, but then you get rocks and sticks stuck between your foot and the sandals, all while losing that added protection of shoes.

I’m a bit of a shoe freak-owning different shoes and sandals for different occasions. You say I sound girly, I say I’m prepared. Either I bring multiple pairs of shoes and sandals on an adventure or I could bring these functional shoes that look and feel like sandals to suit all my needs on the trail and the water.

Chaco OutCross Web Shoe gear review by the weekend warrior

Photo: Chaco

The gear: Chaco OutCross Web Shoe

The concept: A lightweight shoe for adventurers on the trail and the water

Here’s what I’m digging

The Chaco OutCross Web Shoe has a polyurethane footbed that’s super comfy, especially after having my feet jammed into climbing shoes for extended periods of time. The LUVSEAT that Chaco’s known for is there in full force and the support is a pure gift on the approach trails. Chaco went all out on the soles going with the Vibram TC1 compound with rounded lugs that gave a lot of traction and stability when it came to rock hopping and the spliced center lugs were real grippy on wet surfaces.

Tightening the shoe was a breeze. All I had to do was grab the tab and pull, before I knew it my foot was snug and that shoe wasn’t going anywhere. They’re very breathable with all the ventilated openings and ports that helped drain water and keep small rocks and sticks out. The synthetic leather and deconstructed mesh even adds some padding that comes in handy after a couple hours. No more annoying blisters and cuts on my feet!

I think the thing I loved the most was the toe cap. Usually I’m freaking out when I’m rock hopping, praying that I don’t stub my toes. The toe cap is very solid and helps keep the shoe in place. If it weren’t for the toe cap, I would’ve ended up stubbing my toes multiple times.

No one likes stubbed or even broken toes.

This is what I’m missing

Not much aside from grabbing the tab and pulling down to tighten kind of took out the whole personalization aspect for me, compared to my Z1, Z2, and Zong sandals. On top of that, there’s an excess amount of tab just flopping all over the place when they’re cinched down. There’s a rubber ring to tuck it in, but you have to get the tab out of the ring to pull or else they won’t get tighter. With all the in and out and pulling on the ring, it just seems like it’s eventually going to snap.

My assessment

You need to grab a pair for yourself, they’re a durable and functional shoe. What more can you ask for? Actually one more thing, their sizing’s spot on. I wear an 11 in Chacos, these shoes are an 11 and they fit perfect, taking all the sizing guesswork out of the equation.

Price: $120,

Click here for more information on the Chaco Outcross Web Shoe and a look at the Chaco OutCross Lace Shoe.

Chaco provided me with a pair of OutCross Web Shoes; however, that did not alter my thoughts or opinions of the shoe.

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