Fitness Friday Life Update & Brain Dump

Life seems to be moving pretty quick these days and I haven’t gotten personal lately and given a life update. I’ve also never done a Fitness Friday article before either and decided to kill two birds with one stone since most of it’s “fitness related” anyways, so here goes nothing!Justin Fricke the weekend warrior on a shakeout run in Seattle


I never thought I’d see the day that I say this–running has started to consume my life–and I bet a few of you are laughing and stoked to hear me say that. You might recall that I started running because I was picked by Nuun Hydration to run the 200 mile Hood to Coast Relay on one of their teams. I conquered Hood to Coast and now I actually like running.

On Wednesday I registered myself to run the Lighthouse Loop Half-Marathon in Port Orange, FL at the end of October and soon I should be registering to run the Mercedes Marathon in Alabama with some of my Hood to Coast teammates.

My training schedule for the Lighthouse Loop’s pretty simple. I’m running three days a week that consist of a short speed run, medium distance run, and a long distance run. Each week the medium and long distance runs increase in mileage. This week my long distance run was 6.4 miles, 4.4 of which were in the middle of a Florida monsoon, and next week I’m bumping that distance up to 7 miles.

I’ve quickly realized that I prefer evening/night runs and absolutely loathe morning runs. I want to be ready for the Lighthouse Loop Half-Marathon and I’m not skipping out on any runs. I guess I have to put on my big boy running shoes from time to time and go for a morning run.


The cycling/mountain biking has been a little stagnant these days. The mountain bike trails are too hot, buggy, and even washed away with all the rain we’ve been getting. With the half-marathon and marathon I have coming up, cycling’s been on the back burner. I strongly believe that the best way to get stronger at a sport is to do that sport more often, hence I’ve been running a lot.

I will say that I’ll be back on my bike soon and I’ve got a crazy goal set for myself in the early part of 2015 that involves cycling. More on that as the date approaches.


About two weeks before Hood to Coast, during my final training push, I had this brilliant idea to try this new diet/lifestyle called Weekday Veg. It’s exactly what it sounds like, Monday through Friday I eat nothing with a face, Saturday and Sunday I eat all the bacon and burgers I want.

The first week was a little rough and I ended putting a lot of extra stress on my body. Once my body got used to the new lifestyle and my training schedule was back to normal, I started liking weekday veg. So far that’s what I’ve been doing for almost a month and I’ve noticed some considerable differences in my eating habits overall, physique, climbing, and running.

I’ll share more about Weekday Veg. and why I decided to adopt this lifestyle in a later article.


Fall’s quickly approaching and the water’s going to get cold and I’ll have to start squirming into my wetsuit. Really not looking forward to wetsuit season, but it is what it is. The good news is the more consistent surf is during the Fall/Winter months and hopefully the weekends have some good swells roll through. Who knows, maybe I’ll surf so much this Fall/Winter that I’ll get a sweet neck and hand tan from my wetsuit.

This weekend also marks the start of the National Scholastic Surfing Association (NSSA) competition season. Adam’s trying out for the UCF Surf Team in the Longboard Division and I hope I’m not jinxing him when I say I’ve got full confidence in that kid making the competition team for the 3rd season. I mean the kid’s won the conference point title the past 2 seasons and has earned a trip to California to keep in NSSA National’s for the past 2 years.Adam Fricke with the UCF Surf Team


Yea I still do that 2 nights a week. It’s been lots of gym climbing and I’m stoked to finally get outside and climb with some cooler temperatures. My first trip’s out to Texas for a bit of climbing and fun in October and my first BIGĀ climbing trip of the season’s up to The Red River Gorge in Kentucky. Kyle and I are spending Thanksgiving up there and some friends are mostly going to join us for some sends as the date gets closer.

Lots of stuff’s going on right now and lots of rad adventures to look forward to in the near future. You can always keep up with me on Twitter and Instagram.

Any Fitness Friday shout outs you’d like to share?

What’s been happening in your life lately?

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    Can’t wait to hear more about Weekday Veg-I’ve been interested in it after you mentioned it to me. I’m SO glad you’ve joined and caught the running bug! It’s the best! I really want to make it for that marathon in Alabama but would probably try to do the half!

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