ENO’s ProFly Rain Tarp: The Best Way To Stay Dry and Cool

When I started blogging for ENO, I was elated that I could get the opportunity to write to their customers. As a token of their appreciation, they sent me an awesome lime green ProFly Rain Tarp and stakes to go with it.The ProFly is an essential piece of equipment to any ultra-light hiker that’s looking to shed some pack weight by hammock camping instead of tent camping. It’s very compressible and weighs in at a mere 22 oz. making it a light, added luxury if you want to make sure you don’t get wet.

Justin Fricke The Weekend Warrior relaxing under his Pro Fly rain tarp by ENO
Set up is real simple, just unpack your ProFly and spread it out to get an idea of where all the guylines are. I find it easiest to find the fully taped seam to help me find the two guylines that tie to the tree. Make sure you tie it low to your hammock to make sure you don’t hang below the edges.

This thing provides a ton of coverage, so when you come across that huge rain storm on the trail, you’ll be sure to stay dry. It also makes for a great way to hang in your hammock and stay out of the sun during the day. Summer can be hot and brutal, but the ProFly makes it a little more cool and bearable.

Next, start tying the stakes to the remaining four guylines and start staking them into the ground. I usually stake one end, then go to the end that’s diagonal from me, to make sure everything is even. If you find that things are a little uneven, find the end of the ProFly that’s uneven and pull it tight. Don’t worry about potentially ripping this thing because it’s thick and is made with rip-stop nylon.

Once you wake up from your sleep, pull up the stakes, untie everything and roll it up into its stuff sack. I thought getting this thing into its stuff sack was going to give me the biggest headaches, but it’s actually pretty easy.Justin Fricke The Weekend Warrior hanging under his Pro Fly rain tarp by ENO

I think the only thing I’d change would be the stuff sack. Unlike my hammock and bug net, the stuff sack isn’t attached to the ProFly. It’d be easier for me to know that it’s attached rather than having to remember where in the world I put it.

Something to note is that it doesn’t come with stakes, unless you buy a OneLink Sleep System. Most stakes will work, but the stakes that ENO sent me are super light (lighter, but just as durable as my tent stakes) and hold the ground really well.

Overall I give the ProFly two thumbs way up and five stars. Retailing at $79.95 makes this an affordable luxury for anyone looking to improve their hammock experience. I’d recommend the ProFly to anyone who already has a hammock and is looking for a way to stay out of the sun during the heat of the day or looking to stay in their hammock when the rain comes.

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