The Final Days of the Costa Rica Surf Trip

If you’re missing the recap from Days 1-4, click here and here.

Day 5

The morning brought more waves and I was surfing even better than the previous days. After a couple hours the wind and changing tide came to tell me that it was time for breakfast and my morning nap. I’m dead serious when I tell you I had a rough schedule.

I feel like I haven’t shared enough pictures of everyone surfing, so here’s some pictures for you to feast your eyes on:

This is what almost all of Adam’s wipeouts look likeAdam Fricke wiping out

Here’s what else Adam can do on a surfboardAdam Fricke hanging 5 on his costa rica surf tripAdam Fricke hanging 10 on his Costa Rica Surf Trip

Brian (aka Dad) was loving the abundance of lefts we foundBrian Fricke surfing on his Costa Rica Surf TripBrian Fricke taking a left in Costa Rica

Mike got some nice turns in, like this oneMike on his Costa Rica Surf Trip

Nick would try to nab a baby barrel and throw a nice turn on other wavesNick going for a barrel on his Costa Rica Surf TripNick making a hard turn in Costa Rica

Yours trulyJustin Fricke the Weekend Warrior noseriding on his Costa Rica Surf Trip

Later on I got to chatting with a local and he told me all about this well he dug, how it’s going to feed enough water to his trees during the dry season, and his trees are going to provide enough fruit for his family and friends. That conversation was just life changing the way he talked and I feel like I need to cover that at another time–stay tuned.

By now everyone else in the group was up and hungry for lunch so we took off down the ghetto boardwalk to the beach and headed to a restaurant on the beach. Once we got there we noticed the price was triple what we were paying for food back where we were staying. We all just sat around for a bit in the shade, had a beer, and headed back for some moderately priced food.Boardwalk in Costa Rica

The waves were pretty lame that night with a lot of wind, but that didn’t stop us from giving it a shot. The sun was starting to set as I was walking out of the water and a whole crowd was forming to watch the sunset. “I never really understood why people gather to watch the sun disappear…so much more beauty in watching something arrive.” That quote from Rob Machado just kept running through my head as the sun slowly started to disappear, I started walking toward the boardwalk and looked back over the ocean one more time and the sun was gone. This beautiful sight was just gone.Sunset over Costa Rica

I guess we all just need to savor those moments before we turn our heads and their gone.

Day 6

The waves were starting to die and as the shortboarders crowded around a slabby peak at one end of the beach, us longboarders opted for a peak at the other end of the beach. I’m referring to my dad, brother, and me when I say longboarders. The three of us just sat on this one peak all alone and took wave-after wave- after wave-after wave all morning long. So much fun just getting to hang and surf with my dad and brother.Fricke's in Costa Rica surfingJustin and Adam surf high five in Costa Rica

This was our last day and my dad showed Adam, myself, and Nick the house he stayed in when he was there in December. It was a cool little place, but a good walk from the beach. A long, hot, dry walk down to the beach…no thanks. We met up with Mike after that and all five of us dudes took a nice stroll down the beach to the river mouth and I found a rock to bring back to my mom–she loved it.

We knew the wind had been blowing hard all day long and that there really wasn’t any point in trying to surf. We packed up our boards and in the process saw five scorpions. That quintuples the number of scorpions I’ve seen in my entire life! Afterwards Adam wanted to go down to the beach one last time to get some shots of the colored sky at sunset. He gave me a job that’s so far the best job I’ve ever had.

Beer Assistant!Justin Fricke the beer assistant

All I had to do was hold his beer while he was snapping pictures.Imperial Beer sunset in Costa Rica

Day 7

Traveled back home and from the time we got picked up from the Cabinas in Costa Rica to landing in Orlando, it took about 15 hours. It was a long day, but Adam did turn 22 and we had some celebratory Margaritas in the Miami airport waiting for our connection to Orlando.The Fricke guys in Costa Rica

It was a fantastic trip that really couldn’t have gone any better–my favorite all guys surf trip to date!

All photos courtesy of Adam Fricke Photography.

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