Unconventional Ways to Conquer Jet Lag That Aren’t Scientifically Proven

Your plane ticket is booked and you’re ready for your grand adventure. Only problem is that your schedule is packed from the moment you get there to the moment you’re boarding the plane back home. You don’t have time to deal with jet lag. You need to feel 100% from the get-go and the suggestions on those travel blogs usually require you to lose out on a day or more of activities so you can recuperate and allow your body’s internal clock to reset to the local time. Here are some non scientifically proven ways for you to conquer jet lag.Marina in Waikiki Hawaii where Gilligan's Island was filmed

  • Listen to heavy metal music. Metal is loud. Metal doesn’t care about how you look or feel. And metal sure as heck doesn’t care that you want to sleep.
  • Eat lots of carbs because a full stomach will keep you going no matter the scenario.
  • Watch every single movie on the airplane. Doing so should keep you awake and ready to tackle your big adventures.
  • *Drink lots of booze. Think of it as tailgating for the big game.
  • Stay up all night the night before you leave. You do want to reset your internal clock, right?
  • Tape your eyelids open so you can’t close your eyes and succomb to sleeping. You know you wished you had tape to tape your cheeks into a smiling position at your: graduation, wedding, bartmitzvah, etc. Same concept.
  • Carry around Scream in a Box.
  • Dump cold water over your head. It works in movies. Unless you’re going to a freezing cold place. Don’t dump water over your head if you’re going to a cold place, or else you might get hypothermia.
  • Connect yourself to an IV drip of caffeine. Burnt coffee from a chain coffee shop or Red Bull are the two preferred methods of staying caffeinated via IV drip.

*Always drink responsibly

Remember the scene about the 3 hour tour in Gilligan’s Island? The marina in this photo is where that scene was shot.


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    First bullet point is false. Can confirm that you can fall asleep to death metal. Can even confirm that you can fall asleep to death metal at a live concert.

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