Chaco…A 3-Part Review…Part II Z1

As promised a while ago, here are some of my thoughts about the Z1’s by Chaco. These sandals are at the top of my footwear list for a few reasons.

They have a heel strap

They lock your feet in tight with very little slippage. They work great for light trail hikes as well.

Chaco Z1 Unaweep is great for backpacking

They don’t have a toe strap

I like to have a full range of motion for all of my toes. When I’m going to be on my feet for a long time, these are my preference for the security and free range of motion for all my toes.

Chaco USA Z1 Unaweep is great for backpacking and hiking

They’re light

Unlike the Z2’s, the sole is slimmer, so they won’t weight you down.

The one disadvantage to these bad boys is the lack of a toe strap. Now, I know I said earlier that to me it’s an advantage. However, if you’re looking to go on some steeper and tougher terrain, these won’t be the best. The toe strap does help give more added security and reduces the risk of slipping.

I wore them to UCF’s Spirit Splash one year and they helped out a bunch. I got to protect my feet and keep my sandals on at the same time…not to mention they got a much needed cleaning.

I’d suggest wearing them to music festivals like Bonaroo or the Vans Warped Tour. You’ll be outside all day in the blazing hot summer sun. You’re going to want to wear sandals. You always run the risk of losing sandals, but if you have the Z1’s, they’ll provide: comfort, foot support, sole protection, and stay on your feet all day.


    • says

      Well if I gave them away, then I’d have no sandals. Chaco has 100’s of different webbing combinations where you can actually build your own sandal, which would turn out way cooler and smell a lot better than mine.

      Outdoor discount websites are good as well. They usually have last season’s style, but it’s still the same great feel. If you’ve never worn a pair of Chaco’s, I’d highly suggest going to get fitted for a pair at your local outdoor store so you can feel how they fit because their sizes are different from a normal shoe.


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