Cayman Jack Margarita: Crafted by the Journey

After a fun surf session or even a day on the trails, most weekend warriors just want to crack open a cold one and recount what went down during their adventure. I’ll admit, there are times I kind of wish I had a cocktail, but I don’t want to mix a cocktail when I could easily crack open a cold one and hangout with my friends.

That’s when I reach for a Cayman Jack.Cayman Jack Twist Off Top

Cayman Jack’s a ready-to-serve, hand-crafted margarita, in a bottle and with a quick twist of the cap, I’m able to enjoy a drink that’s made with authentic ingredients.

Cayman Jack touts they don’t make a good margarita, anyone can do that, they make the best margarita that’s Crafted by the Journey. They only createtheir margaritas with organic limes from Colima, Mexico, 100% blue agave nectar straight from Jalisco, Mexico, and they had to go all the way down to South-Central Brazil to find the best cane sugar. When you’re touting that you’ve got the best margarita out there, it only makes sense to use the best ingredients.

I like it because it’s a communal drink. You know how most guys prefer beer and most girls prefer wine? My friends and I all like Cayman Jack’s taste because it’s got a little bit of sweetness to make the ladies happy with a little bit of tartness to satisfy the tough taste buds most guys have.Relaxing by the pool with a Cayman Jack, Weekend Warrior Style

After a long day of adventures, we’re starving and take the term “hangry” to a whole new level. Tacos are a staple for me, not sure why, but I crave some spicy tacos after a long day and those pair perfectly with a Cayman Jack. It cools of that spice kick and the hint of key-lime tastes great with some spicy guacamole because spicy guacamole is the only guacamole worth having–am I right?

It’s a communal drink, I said that already, and what kind of party’s more communal than a barbecue? Everyone hanging around outside while a select few grill some brats or smoke a rack of ribs. A Cayman Jack’s a perfect compliment to any barbecue and your friends will be even more stoked to see you when you open up your cooler filled with hand-crafted margaritas in a bottle.Grillin' with Cayman Jack, Weekend Warrior Style

Cince de Mayo’s coming up next week and whether you’re going to a party, hosting a party, or just keeping it low key, you ought to have a Cayman Jack in your hand at some point during the day. If you really want to class it up a bit, you could pour your Cayman Jack into a glass on the rocks with coarse salt around the rim and add a key lime. Personally, I think it tastes great out of the bottle and best when you’re with a couple friends.

Photos: Adam Fricke Photography

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cayman Jack. The opinions and text are all mine.

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Brand Spotlight: Proof Eyewear

You’ve probably grown accustomed to me testing out one piece of gear from various companies and sharing my thoughts with you in the form of a review. While I love gear testing, I sometimes just want to brag on a brand for reasons like: how they started, the hurdles they’ve overcome, what they offer, and most of all–how they give back to their community/the world. I’m proud to start off this section of my blog–Brand Spotlight–by introducing…

Proof EyewearBrand Spotlight: Proof Eyewear

Proof Eyewear started in a garage in Boise, Idaho in 2010 while their founder, Brooks, was trying to make a ski pole out of bamboo. The bamboo ski pole idea failed, but the idea of sunglasses made of sustainable wood morphed into a success in early 2011–it quickly became a family affair when he brought his brothers Tanner and Taylor on board.

While Proof Eyewear was born in a garage in 2011, its roots go back 60 years. The brothers grew up around the family business, a saw mill in southern Utah, that their grandfather started. The saw mill’s still in the family today and I guess the exposure to the family business from such an early age really instilled in the brothers a love of entrepreneurship, nature, and most of all–wood!

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Right now Proof Eyewear has three collections of sunglasses: Wood, Eco, and Skate.

All of their sunglasses come with a unique quote on the inside and their wood Wood Collection is harvested from sustainable forests that are milled down to cuts. Only the premium cuts are hand selected to go to the CNC to be routed and then hand finished.

Sustainable cotton is harvested for their Eco Collection before the cotton fibers are broken down. The fibers are then infused into acetate slabs to be hand cut into premium frames.

A skateboard fits perfectly on your face with a set of frames from their Skate Collection. The frames are durable with their 5 Ply Canadian Maple construction and the wood grain adds a lot of character, ensuring no two frames are exactly alike.


Most of Proof Eyewear’s sunglasses come with polarized lenses to block out glares from the road and water (to name a few) and those harmful UV rays. The lenses are half the weight of the wood to give you crisp clarity without any unnecessary weight.

Prescription Frames

Do you like the look of the frames from the Wood and/or Eco Collections and want a certain frame to sit on your face all day? You’re in luck, if you wear glasses, because Proof Eyewear also offers frames from these collections to be worn with prescription lenses. Just buy the frames from their website and snap in the lenses.

Wood Accessories

When you decide you really want to embrace the sustainable wood lifestyle, you can even look into keeping your money tight in one of their wooden wallets. Light a candle with their wooden lighter and keep your phone protected with a wooden phone case, among other accessories.

Do Good

Along with doing good to mother nature, the brothers have been committed to doing good to the world since Proof Eyewear’s inception. That initially started with providing soldier rehabilitation to kids in Africa, restoration to Haiti, and tsunami relief to Japan, among other charities, and their giving grew to an even larger scale in 2013.

They began giving on a case-by-case basis, starting with donating funds to build two eye clinics in India because India alone is where over 1/4 of the world’s population resides. Both clinics provide sight-giving cataract surgeries to those who need it and India’s just the start of this Do Good Program.

Hopefully by now you’ve thought about checking out some of the different frames and styles that Proof Eyewear has to offer. When you find a pair that you like, use my code WEEKENDWARRIOR20, (clever huh?) and you’ll get 20% off of your order!

Weekend Warrior Proof Eyewear Discount Code

Products Featured

Ontario Skate (Pear Polarized)–$115

Sawtooth Eco (Blackbone Polarized)–$120

Slab Wood Wallet–$18

Photos: Adam Fricke Photography

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