Cayman Jack Margarita: Crafted by the Journey

After a fun surf session or even a day on the trails, most weekend warriors just want to crack open a cold one and recount what went down during their adventure. I’ll admit, there are times I kind of wish I had a cocktail, but I don’t want to mix a cocktail when I could easily crack open a cold one and hangout with my friends.

That’s when I reach for a Cayman Jack.Cayman Jack Twist Off Top

Cayman Jack’s a ready-to-serve, hand-crafted margarita, in a bottle and with a quick twist of the cap, I’m able to enjoy a drink that’s made with authentic ingredients.

Cayman Jack touts they don’t make a good margarita, anyone can do that, they make the best margarita that’s Crafted by the Journey. They only createtheir margaritas with organic limes from Colima, Mexico, 100% blue agave nectar straight from Jalisco, Mexico, and they had to go all the way down to South-Central Brazil to find the best cane sugar. When you’re touting that you’ve got the best margarita out there, it only makes sense to use the best ingredients.

I like it because it’s a communal drink. You know how most guys prefer beer and most girls prefer wine? My friends and I all like Cayman Jack’s taste because it’s got a little bit of sweetness to make the ladies happy with a little bit of tartness to satisfy the tough taste buds most guys have.Relaxing by the pool with a Cayman Jack, Weekend Warrior Style

After a long day of adventures, we’re starving and take the term “hangry” to a whole new level. Tacos are a staple for me, not sure why, but I crave some spicy tacos after a long day and those pair perfectly with a Cayman Jack. It cools of that spice kick and the hint of key-lime tastes great with some spicy guacamole because spicy guacamole is the only guacamole worth having–am I right?

It’s a communal drink, I said that already, and what kind of party’s more communal than a barbecue? Everyone hanging around outside while a select few grill some brats or smoke a rack of ribs. A Cayman Jack’s a perfect compliment to any barbecue and your friends will be even more stoked to see you when you open up your cooler filled with hand-crafted margaritas in a bottle.Grillin' with Cayman Jack, Weekend Warrior Style

Cince de Mayo’s coming up next week and whether you’re going to a party, hosting a party, or just keeping it low key, you ought to have a Cayman Jack in your hand at some point during the day. If you really want to class it up a bit, you could pour your Cayman Jack into a glass on the rocks with coarse salt around the rim and add a key lime. Personally, I think it tastes great out of the bottle and best when you’re with a couple friends.

Photos: Adam Fricke Photography

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cayman Jack. The opinions and text are all mine.

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Tent…Sweet Tent–A Home of My Own In The Outdoors

It wasn’t until 2011, my junior year of college, that I found climbing and really fell in love with the outdoors: climbing, mountain biking, hiking/backpacking.

Fast forward to 2012 and I was ready to take the plunge and get fully immersed in the outdoors world by going to places with no cell phone reception for days on end and living out of a backpack or the trunk of a car. For that I knew I needed a place to live, a little sanctuary to get away from the elements, hunker down for the night, and be at peace.

I needed a tentMountain Hardwear Drifter 3 Tent

After a ton of research I found the tent that was perfect for me. A little 3-person tent that was small, light, and made for backpacking. That tent is all I wanted from my parents for Christmas that year and come Christmas morning, I ripped the tissue paper from a bag to find my portable home away from home.

A 2-person tent would’ve been perfect, but a 3-person tent sounded like the best idea for future backpacking and climbing trips with the girl I was dating.

Needless to say that those backpacking and climbing trips with her never happened, the relationship ended, but I still had this little tent.

I’ve called this little tent–home–on backpacking trips throughout Florida and on climbing trips to Georgia, Tennessee, and Kentucky–and the occasional backyard camping. This little tent has let me unzip the doors of my portable home to my friends that needed a place to sleep on a trip, it’s given me a place to hide from the weather, and it’s offered me solitude at times when I just needed to be alone.

After calling this little tent home for days on end, it’s hard to pack it up at the end of a trip. But I know that I need to let my little tent rest in my gear closet so it can help me get some rest on our next adventure.

I thought my parents just gave me a cool piece of outdoors gear that Christmas morning. Little did I know that they gave me so much adventure and a home of my own in the outdoors.

I love this little tent

What’s a piece of gear that’s more than just a piece of gear to you?

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Sierra Trading Post $75 Gift Card Giveaway

I’m stoked to say that I’ve been invited back by Sierra Trading Post to be part of #TeamSierra for another round!#TeamSierra Sierra Trading Post Blogger

Forget what Team Sierra is? Team Sierra’s a group of outdoor bloggers, all of whom I follow and respect, that are handpicked by Sierra Trading Post to help provide written content for Sierra Trading Post’s Social Hub.

This calls for celebration, don’t ya think?

That’s why I get to giveaway TWO $75 Sierra Trading Post gift cards. That means your odds of winning just doubled because there’s going to be two winners!

You’ve got until 12:00am on December 2nd to enter using any, or all, of the methods below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you don’t win, or when you use up your gift card, you can always click here and you’ll get 30% off your purchase at checkout.

Good luck and don’t forget to chime into #trailtime on Twitter every Thursday at 6:00pm Eastern. Be sure to check out (and subscribe) Sierra Trading Post’s YouTube channel to see all their outdoor tips, tricks, recipes, and trip videos.

*Winners will be notified on December 2nd

Brand Spotlight: Proof Eyewear

You’ve probably grown accustomed to me testing out one piece of gear from various companies and sharing my thoughts with you in the form of a review. While I love gear testing, I sometimes just want to brag on a brand for reasons like: how they started, the hurdles they’ve overcome, what they offer, and most of all–how they give back to their community/the world. I’m proud to start off this section of my blog–Brand Spotlight–by introducing…

Proof EyewearBrand Spotlight: Proof Eyewear

Proof Eyewear started in a garage in Boise, Idaho in 2010 while their founder, Brooks, was trying to make a ski pole out of bamboo. The bamboo ski pole idea failed, but the idea of sunglasses made of sustainable wood morphed into a success in early 2011–it quickly became a family affair when he brought his brothers Tanner and Taylor on board.

While Proof Eyewear was born in a garage in 2011, its roots go back 60 years. The brothers grew up around the family business, a saw mill in southern Utah, that their grandfather started. The saw mill’s still in the family today and I guess the exposure to the family business from such an early age really instilled in the brothers a love of entrepreneurship, nature, and most of all–wood!

AK8A1267 AK8A1273 AK8A1291 AK8A1330 141025_ProofEyewearNSB-006 141025_ProofEyewearNSB-015 141025_ProofEyewearNSB-045 141025_ProofEyewearNSB-069 141025_ProofEyewearNSB-071 141025_ProofEyewearNSB-076 141025_ProofEyewearNSB-114 141025_ProofEyewearNSB-123 141025_ProofEyewearNSB-131 141025_ProofEyewearNSB-137 141025_ProofEyewearNSB-145 141025_ProofEyewearNSB-152 141025_ProofEyewearNSB-153


Right now Proof Eyewear has three collections of sunglasses: Wood, Eco, and Skate.

All of their sunglasses come with a unique quote on the inside and their wood Wood Collection is harvested from sustainable forests that are milled down to cuts. Only the premium cuts are hand selected to go to the CNC to be routed and then hand finished.

Sustainable cotton is harvested for their Eco Collection before the cotton fibers are broken down. The fibers are then infused into acetate slabs to be hand cut into premium frames.

A skateboard fits perfectly on your face with a set of frames from their Skate Collection. The frames are durable with their 5 Ply Canadian Maple construction and the wood grain adds a lot of character, ensuring no two frames are exactly alike.


Most of Proof Eyewear’s sunglasses come with polarized lenses to block out glares from the road and water (to name a few) and those harmful UV rays. The lenses are half the weight of the wood to give you crisp clarity without any unnecessary weight.

Prescription Frames

Do you like the look of the frames from the Wood and/or Eco Collections and want a certain frame to sit on your face all day? You’re in luck, if you wear glasses, because Proof Eyewear also offers frames from these collections to be worn with prescription lenses. Just buy the frames from their website and snap in the lenses.

Wood Accessories

When you decide you really want to embrace the sustainable wood lifestyle, you can even look into keeping your money tight in one of their wooden wallets. Light a candle with their wooden lighter and keep your phone protected with a wooden phone case, among other accessories.

Do Good

Along with doing good to mother nature, the brothers have been committed to doing good to the world since Proof Eyewear’s inception. That initially started with providing soldier rehabilitation to kids in Africa, restoration to Haiti, and tsunami relief to Japan, among other charities, and their giving grew to an even larger scale in 2013.

They began giving on a case-by-case basis, starting with donating funds to build two eye clinics in India because India alone is where over 1/4 of the world’s population resides. Both clinics provide sight-giving cataract surgeries to those who need it and India’s just the start of this Do Good Program.

Hopefully by now you’ve thought about checking out some of the different frames and styles that Proof Eyewear has to offer. When you find a pair that you like, use my code WEEKENDWARRIOR20, (clever huh?) and you’ll get 20% off of your order!

Weekend Warrior Proof Eyewear Discount Code

Products Featured

Ontario Skate (Pear Polarized)–$115

Sawtooth Eco (Blackbone Polarized)–$120

Slab Wood Wallet–$18

Photos: Adam Fricke Photography

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Gear Review: FRESHeTECH All-Terrain Sound

Picture yourself sitting around a campfire with some friends after a long day, logging 13 miles while lugging everything you need on your back. You’re all cracking jokes and talking about life in general with some light tunes in the background to help set the mood. Sounds great, but a little far-fetched because most portable speakers aren’t practical to carry into the backcountry because they’re too heavy, break easily, and are hard to pack.FRESHeTECH All-Terrain Sound

The Gear: FRESHeTECH All-Terrain Sound

The Breakdown: A lightweight, portable speaker, that packs a punch and is easy to take anywhere

What I’m digging:

For such a small speaker, the All-Terrain Sound can really play some loud tunes (be careful not to disturb those around you). The control buttons on the side are a cinch to use and I never have to pull my phone out of my pocket to change the song, volume, or answer a call. Yea–there’s a built-in mic so you can even talk on the phone. Pairing through Bluetooth is easy, so easy a not-so tech savvy person would think they had a chance at being the next Steve Jobs.

I really like the clip function, so I don’t have to pack this speaker away. I’ll clip it onto different parts of my backpack (shoulder strap, hip belt, gear loops) and play some music for my friends and I to enjoy on the trails. This thing has got a killer battery that lasts 12 hours and I’ll use it on multiple climbing, hiking, and surf trips without having to re-charge the battery.All-Terrain Sound by FRESHeTECH

What I’m missing:

My biggest complaint is the direction of the sound. With the speaker on top, the best quality of sound comes when the speaker’s pointed directly at me. Something that’s put this speaker over the top is if it had 360 sound.

A swivel clip would do wonders as well. Right now I feel a little constricted to where I can hang the All-Terrain Sound and I believe a swivel clip would open up the options of where I can hang this thing.

Final Verdict:

The All-Terrain Speaker is a great portable and rugged, Bluetooth, speaker out there for anyone that likes to keep their pack light wherever they go.

Buy the All-Terrain Sound Speaker here: $74.95, Amazon*

I was compensated for this review with an All-Terrain Speaker of my own, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own

*This is an affiliate link. Click the link, buy something from Amazon, I’ll be compensated (at no cost to you), and that compensation goes to helping keep The Weekend Warrior alive and well

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Being a Gear Monger Isn’t so Bad

When you’re a gear monger, you tend to be looked down upon, and laughed at, in the outdoor community, especially among the ultralight folk.

Kyle and I pulled up to the trail head to find our friends Jess and Armando already waiting for us with their two dogs. We all hopped out of our cars and got ready to hit the trail for a quick overnight backpacking trip. After seeing everyone’s pack size, I realized I was “that” guy and straight out said it–

Crap–I Packed too Much…Again!Florida hiking lunch break

Come to find out, Jess called it before we got there and bet Armando that I’d over pack because I’m a gear monger. Everyone else manged to cram what they needed into pack sizes that ranged from 34 liters to 50 liters and there I was with my 50 + 15 liter pack busting at the seams. I didn’t weigh my pack, but I certainly could have left some things at home like my bear canister, rain jacket, cooking pot, and packed half the food that I did pack. Come to think of it, going ultralight and ditching the tent body would’ve been just fine, but here’s the thing.

Sometimes being a gear monger is a good thingCooking dinner after a day out on the trail in Florida

My back and feet certainly didn’t agree with me at the end of the 20 miles on Sunday, but I was comfortable when it got into the 30’s at night. I slept for 12 hours in my sleeping bag on my sleeping pad inside my cozy tent. I had plenty of food to share with my friends and was offering to give the dogs some of my water to cut down on my weight because I packed too much water.

When you’re a gear monger and over pack things for a quick trip (of any kind) you stay comfortable, rationing never crosses your mind, and you get to be the hero. You get to be the one in the group that gets to share their Swedish Fish with your friends that have a sweet tooth. The dogs love you for the extra water, so they can mark more plants as their own, and you can be the handy man with the duct tape around your trekking poles (that stayed fastened to your backpack the entire trip) to cover a hole in your buddy’s puffy jacket.

Even though we gear mongers are typically at the bottom of the proverbial food chain within the outdoor community, I’m completely content with being the gear monger of the group. I get to be comfortable, work a little harder after sitting at a desk all week, and I get to share my stuff with my friends and their dogs.Hiking the C Loop of the Citrus Hiking Trail

Are you a gear monger?

What are your thoughts on being a gear monger, or having a gear monger friend?

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Gear Review: Mizuno Wave Rider 18

This post is sponsored by Mizuno and FitFluential; however, all opinions expressed are my own.

Picking the right shoe is essential for a runner and there’s so many options out there between the toe drop, weight, and different styles. Mizuno really narrows down that playing field with the Wave Rider 18. Mizuno asked me to “test run” their Wave Rider 18, that was just released earlier this month, and they’ve been on runs with me from the cool mountain temperatures of Colorado, to the humid tropical runs in Florida, and most recently during my half marathon.

The Gear: Mizuno Wave Rider 18 (White/Dress Blue/Vibrant Orange)Mizuno Wave Rider 18

What I’m Liking

Hold on to your hats folks because there’s a lot of great things I have to say about this functional shoe. First off, the Wave Rider 18 is a neutral shoe with a lot of cushion for a comfortable ride. It really hits that sweet spot for runners that are looking for just enough support in their run.

The 12mm toe drop really helped me achieve a consistent mid-foot strike. Mizuno also credits the Wave Rider 18 with a refined toe spring and whatever’s there, I felt it–and loved the comfort.

The angle of the heel fit perfectly and prevented my foot from rubbing in the back. At the same time, the mid foot region fit very snug (not too snug) and really opened up in the toe box. I felt as though the Wave Rider 18 practically formed to my foot when I was running.

Mizuno was inspired by the Japanese concept of “Hado” that is the energy within that promotes powerful transformations, as they were designing the Wave Rider 18. They incorporated a smooth color transformation into their sleek design to display how every run can be transformative through the power of running. To top it all off, they displayed this Japanese influence once more by writing Wave Rider in both English and Japanese on the heel.Lake Eola Wave Rider 18

What I’m Missing

Weight would be a great thing to be missing, but the Wave Rider 18 is a little too heavy for my liking. I prefer my neutral shoes to weigh in the 8 oz range and these come in at 9.2 oz. Not a huge difference, but a notable difference and a small price to pay for the additional support.

A gator fan or someone that goes to/went to the University of Florida will go bonkers for these colors. I; however, could care less about UF and stay away from the orange and blue color combo as much as I can. In other words, this color’s just not cutting it for me, but Mizuno does offer two other color option for the guys that I think are much better than this color combo.

Final Thoughts

Mizuno really hit it out of the park between the functional and aesthetic designs. This is one functional, neutral shoe, that will make a variety of runners very happy and comfortable on their runs.

Buy the Wave Rider 18: MSRP $119.99

Gear Review: Stio Divide Polo

Open up my closet and you’ll find a plethora of t-shirts, tech tees, dress shirts for the office, and some casual button downs for that rare date I go on every once in a while. One style of shirt you won’t find is a polo.

Not sure if I don’t like the way a polo looks on me or if I got sick of having to wear a polo to private school in my early years. Whatever the case might be, I was a little skeptical when I opened up a box and pulled out the Stio Divide Polo. Don’t get me wrong, it looked cool and felt soft, but I just wasn’t completely sold at first.Buildering in the Stio Divide Polo

The Gear: Stio Divide Polo (Blue Print)

What I’m Liking

Alright so I just said I wasn’t completely sold at first glance, but I wanted to give this shirt a shot and I’m so glad I did. The first test was the office test. Fridays are casual Fridays where I work and I generally get a comment or two about the button down plaid shirt I’m wearing. You can only imagine what my coworkers were saying when I walked in wearing a semi-solid polo. Nothing but compliments about my “new look” and it was surprisingly more comfortable than my typical button down shirt.

Next up was the outdoor test to try out the poly-cotton blend fabric with drirelease® and FRESHGUARD®. I chose to ride my bike part of the way to the office one Friday when my car was getting a little tune up. The Florida heat in the summer’s brutal and I was a little weary of what B.O. I might give off in the office. My coworkers were my test subjects (they didn’t know it) and I think everything worked out considering I didn’t get any comments about smelling bad and I didn’t see any disgusted looks on their faces when they saw me walking down the halls. Heck my perspiration didn’t even really show through this shirt, huge plus!Stio Divide Polo drirelease and freshguard

On the Stio Divide Polo page, Stio claims this polo’s good for big wall climbing in Yosemite. We don’t really have outdoor climbing in Florida, so we have to improvise. I started wearing this shirt when I would go out to work on my buildering projects and it was great. The poly-cotton blend allowed the shirt to stretch and never inhibited my full range of motion, pulled the sweat from my skin quickly, dried quick, and I’d like to think I looked like some cool hipster while I was pedaling around from buildering spot to buildering spot on my road bike.Stio Divide Polo Front Pocket

The last thing I have to rave about is the chest pocket. I’m a sucker for chest pockets and I’ve thrown everything in that pocket from my glasses/sunglasses to a Clifbar as I was rushing out the door.

What I’m Missing

Not much, to be honest. Getting super picky, I’d like a little more length. I have a longer torso than most and end up flashing my belly when I reach up high to stretch. Some other color selections would also be awesome, like the unavailable green shown on the website, maybe even a true brown or burnt orange for fall.

Final Thoughts

The Stio Divide Polo has made me completely rethink my view on polo’s. It’s the perfect all around shirt that’s stylish enough for a casual office setting or a night on the town and is functional enough for day in the backcountry or a few days climbing a big wall in Yosemite.

Buy the Stio Divide Polo: MSRP $58.00

I was provided with a sample Divide Polo for review and compensation. The thoughts and views expressed in this review are strictly my own

Gear Review: Tani Air Fitness

Runners in the Southeast have got it rough. We’ve got to deal with the heat and, worst of all, humidity while we’re training for marathon and half-marathon season during the summer. Aside from hydration, the clothes runners wear can drastically alter their running enjoyment and the Tani Air Fitness collection has made my running very experience very enjoyable this summer.

The Gear: Tani Air Fitness Muscle Shirt & Boxer BriefTani Air Fitness

What I’m Liking

I’ll start first with the Tani Air Fitness Muscle Shirt. This shirt is very lightweight, it almost feels like I’m wearing a mesh shirt, without the chaffing. The shirt fits snug up against my body and grabs the sweat immediately. I also found this shirt to be very breathable and cooling with a light breeze, perfect for my last leg of the Hood to Coast (the mother of all relays) Relay Race.

Much like the muscle shirt, the Tani Air Fitness Boxer Brief is also very lightweight. They kept everything in place and never got in the way while I was running, climbing, and practicing yoga. These undies also wicked all the sweat right away from my mid-region, keeping everything dry and chafe free. Did I mention they’re pretty stylish? No? Well they’re pretty stylish, too.

What I’m Missing

I’m missing length in both the muscle shirt and boxer briefs. I found the muscle shirt to be about an inch or two too short in length. Whenever I lift up my arms–wham!–you’ve got a full view of my belly. Call it a win or a loss, whichever you prefer, I prefer to lift my arms and not show off my belly.

The boxer briefs are a little short on my legs and when I move around, I feel like they end up fitting the same way a pair of whitey tighties would fit. I’d like some more length on the legs and maybe in the front as well. I noticed very quickly that the flap in front tends to open up to the side. My upper leg is only visible, but should a quick shorts change come about, I’d need to find a bathroom or some sort of coverage.

Final Thoughts

The Tani Air Fitness Muscle Shirt and Boxer Briefs are very comfortable. I’d like to think that what I’m missing has to do with sizing, so consider ordering a size up from what you usually wear (I ordered a Large and generally wear a Large). These two items, and any of the items in the Tani Air Fitness collection, would benefit the working man that wants a dependable piece of clothing that looks stylish and enhances his look.

Buy the Tani Air Fitness Muscle Shirt: MSRP $29.00 $65.00*

Buy the Tani Air Fitness Boxer Brief: MSRP $29.00 $45.00*

I did receive product for review as compensation, but that in no way shape or form changed the outcome of this review

*Prices reflected are accurate as of September 23,2014

2014 Summer Surf Expo Lifestyle Recap

Walking down all the rows and columns of the Surf Expo Lifestyle section was daunting. There was so much to see and I put together a recap of the best of the best lifestyle brands Adam and I met with a couple weeks ago.Summer Surf Expo Lifestyle Sign

Skate Collection

Recycled Canadian Maple Skateboard on your face? Proof Eyewear’s making that a “thing” in the eyewear industry. The frames on the sunglasses are made from recyclyed Canadian Maple Skateboards, so you can protect your eyes from the sun and help out the environment.Proof Eyewear Skate Collection at the Surf Expo

Check out the Skate Collection from $115

Outcross Evo

After a solid launch of the Outcross shoes, Chaco’s introducing the Outcross Evo collection in early 2015. There’s going to be 3 different versions of the Outcross Evo for men (Outcross Evo 3 is pictured), 4 for women, and a smattering of colors for kids. The different versions of the Outcross Evo combines breathable mesh with webbing to give you different options of ventilation across all the styles, a comfortable microfoam layer atop the polyurethane (PU) LUVSEAT (what Chaco’s known for), and a non-marking EcoTread outsole.Chaco Outcross Evo 3

Chaco will release the Outcross Evo 2015 and they’ll start from $55 for kids styles and from $100 for adult styles

Sanuk Shoes

For as long as I can remeber the slogan for Sanuk has been something to the extent of–This is a Sandal, Not a Shoe. A new line of footwear that Sanuk’s introducing is their shoe collection and now Sanuk’s #neveruncomfortable in any of their footwear. I think the new shoe styles are pretty rad.Sanuk Shoes

Check out the line of #neveruncomfortable Sanuk Shoes from $55

Sea Crystal Series

Summer seems to never end here in Florida and Hobie Polarized is keeping faces cool with their Sea Crystal Series of polarized sunglasses. Hobie Polarized took their Dogpatch, Woody, and (my favorite) The Wedge styles and gave their frames a new look with a mix of silver and crystal blue. You’re going to think it’s cool outside as you look through these ice blue lenses.Hobe Polarized Sea Crystal Collection

Checkout the Sea Crystal Series from $89.99

Pocket Collection

Pockets are just part of the everyday routine with Team Phun and they’re just getting better. The folks behind Team Phun are taking pocket designs to a whole new level of phun with their new line of pocket inspired tees, tanks, polos, and button downs. You’re going to have to keep your eyes peeled for the new stuff coming out real soon.Team Phun Crown Royal Pocket

Check out the current Team Phun pocket designs from $17.99

Tall Boy

I wouldn’t recommend drinking from this sandal, but I would recommend getting it if you want a sandal loaded with comfort. The folks at Freewaters designed the Tall Boy to be a thicker sandal to provide more cushion comfort to the person wearing it with sleek lines to give it a thinner look.Freewaters Tall Boy Sandal

Freewaters will release the Tall Boy on January 15  from $48

What brands in the Surf Expo Lifestyle section caught your eye?

All photo skills shown courtesy of Adam Fricke Photography