Brooks Running HQ Tour, Pikes Place Market, and Race Prep.

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Once we got done devouring Top Pot Doughnuts in the hotel lobby we all hit the showers real quick. We had to clean up and smell halfway decent for our tour of the new Brooks Running HQ!Brooks Running HQ

The Brooks Running HQ is massive. I think there’s something like six floors, a gym, cafeteria with outside seating, a sun deck on the roof, and tons of individual and collaborative space. Best part, in my opinion, is that the building’s LEED Platinum certified and is the pioneering project for Seattle’s Deep Green Pilot Program with energy efficient windows, sensors that flick the lights off when there’s enough sun to light the building,  toilets that use recycled rain water, and more, all helping to reduce their energy use by 75%.

On our tour we even got to have a private meeting with one of the Product Line Managers. We got an in-depth look at the entire shoe research, design, and production process. The amount of time and effort it takes to make one simple pair of shoes is inconceivable! We even got to check out some of the shoes that’ll be on the market in Fall 2014 and Spring 2015. We were sworn to secrecy and that meant no picture taking, but I can say that you’re definitely going to want to stay tuned to see what Brooks has up their sleeves.Brooks Running Conference Room

By the end of our tour and meeting, our stomach’s were growling. Nuun treated us to lunch at Pyramid Alehouse, one of the best places to eat according to my buddy Mike. With pitchers of beer on the table, I had my new friend Liz fill my glass with the Thunderhead IPA and it was delicious. Next up was their Hefeweizen with a lemon. It was a little different adding a lemon, but when in Seattle right? For lunch I chose the Ultimate Beer Burger solely because the bun had some Thunderhead IPA in it and to that I dropped what would become one of Megan’s favorite quotes:

I’m ’bout to get drunk off this bun herePyramid Alehouse

 Most of us decided to explore Seattle after lunch. We broke off into groups and my group went to Pikes Place Market, I realize it’s a major tourist destination, but it was pretty cool seeing that place. The fish throwing was pretty interesting to see in person, completely different than from what I’ve seen in movies. Yes we also saw the very first Starbucks, but the line was so long we didn’t even bother going inside.Pikes Place Market

Later that evening we made our way over to Nuun HQ where we got to check out where all the electrolyte magic happens. We were all enthralled by the amounts of Nuun we saw, it was pretty rad and evident that everyone who works at Nuun truly does live the brand. Once we regained our composure we all got hooked up with a swag bag with a Nuun Energy Tech-T and hoodie to wear during the race, along with some other Nuun goods.Nuun Heart

While we were munching on our catered Chipotle dinner and sippin’ on beer, we got a breakdown on the race schedule, what we could expect, what to do in a worst case scenario, and some other “logistical” stuff. After that we took some time to go all out decorating the vans we’d be living in for next 24+ hours. Boy did those vans look flashy.

Back at the hotel we made our way to the bar (what else is new) and had a pre-race drink. Our bud Doug made a toast to the race, fun we’ve had to that point, and to the fun we’d be having the next day on the race course. With that we all called it in an early night in preparation for an early morning to get racing.

Next up: The race!

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